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Did you go to Kindergarten in the 80’s like I did?  I pretty much think I rocked kindergarten and kindergarten rocked me and while some things have changed, somethings have stayed exactly the same.  My oldest daughter is in kindergarten now and I can say that I am not remembering it all incorrectly, it is a heady experience! Come on and play along with us in this all things kindergarten contest and you could win a $300 Amazon Giftcard from the group of us *just* for being able to pick us out of a lineup.

How to Rock Kindergarten

How to Rock Kindergarten

Line Up Everybody, Line Up, Line Up

If you don’t know how to get in a line, stay in a line or walk in a line, get with it!  Practice at home if you need to.  Ask neighbors to line up.  Getting in line is a fundamental part of kindergarten and the whole class needs to be really good at it or you might risk losing recess or getting a check minus for the day or something terrible and life altering like that.  It is not hard, but you do need to learn to keep it together when other people mess up, which they will.  Keep calm and walk on.  When in line, stay in line.  You get it.

(I was a real goody two shoes way back when.  Lining up was like a dream!  Rule follower here as is my daughter, at least when she is at school)

The Art of No Comment

One of these things might not be like the other, but sometimes don’t say it. We all watched Sesame Street and dude, we all called out each and every time we spotted something different.  Well, unless the teacher asks you to do it or you are commenting on differences in leaves or how long the pencils are, kindergarten is the time to learn, if you have not already, the art of not commenting every time something pops into your head.  People are different and in kindergarten, kids are really different.

Some kids can already read, some excel at math, some can do a cartwheel or backbend with no help, some can run the whole track, some can draw a whole person with hair and clothes that doesn’t resemble an alien.  The kid who can’t read yet already knows that, he doesn’t need to be told.  Same with the one who only draws stick figures or the kid who struggles with a somersault.  Kindergarten is a HUGE learning time for everyone and it will behoove the good kindergartner to learn that not pointing out everything can be the right thing to do.

The Art of Compliment

So you want to make new friends, huh?  Well, rocking kindergarten friendships will be a lot easier if you let other kids know how cool they are and wait for someone else to say how cool you are.  You know you rock, you don’t need to tell everyone else.  See, everyone else is not your mom and dad, so these compliments might not fly at you fast and furious, but be nice and they will come.  Tell the great artist how awesome their human looking person is.  Tell the kid who reads how impressed you are.  Something like “wow, it must be awesome to read chapter books.  I’m impressed”. It is so simple.  People like to be told something nice.  Oh, so does the teacher.  Use this lesson well.

Rock Your Style

Okay, so when growing up in the 80’s, bowl cuts and bangs and combining these with pigtails were like the thing.  I totally rocked part of this look back then. We all had ’em and hey, it worked because everyone else did too.  Now, I am going to tell you, it is not the 80’s anymore.  If a bowl cut really is your thing, then by all means wear it with pride.  But moms, hear me now, I have not seen this style rocking any kindergartens of late, so if you are forcing your little girl into bowl cut style, give it up and ask her what she wants.

See, in Kindergarten you get to make some cool choices and sometimes it is hard for moms and dads to understand but so long as skin is not showing too much and you are within the rules of your school, I think that rocking your own style is the best thing you can do for yourself.   Be confident.  A smile and self confidence will always look good on you.

Be yourself.  Because no one else can be.

Get in the Groove

Perhaps you have been in a constant loop of songs from Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, Disney Jr. and Nickelodeon and you have no older siblings. Well, if that is the case, prepare to get schooled in music.  When I was in Kindergarten I was introduced to Michael Jackson’s “BAD” and I fell a little in love with the whole pop music thing.  I had my own bling and I wore it with style.  There will be kids in your class who ask you what music you like.   Go ahead, start sharing reccs! Here is my tip.  Music is all kinds of amazing and getting your groove on totally rocks but…some music is NOT cool for kids.  Be sure to check with your mom and dad before you go trying to find YouTube videos and downloading tunes to your mom’s iPhone.  It could end badly.  There is some stuff out there that is gross even if you don’t know it.  When you have the okay from a good old grown up, go ahead and spread the love!

Be a Good Friend

This is serious.  Kids can be mean, and you do not want to be a mean kid.  Being the nice kid is a REALLY good thing and if someone is being mean, you can ask them to stop, you can tell a teacher, you can tell your mom and dad.  Just don’t be the mean kid.  You don’t like your feelings getting hurt.  Also, if you can, there is this thing called cliques.  You might know it as groups.  It rocks to have a group of close friends.  It does not rock to purposefully leave someone out.  Sure, you will be better friends with some people than others, but it is not nice to leave people out.  And, you never know where you will find a new friend.  Finally, if your friends are leaving someone out or being mean, don’t just let it happen.  Say something.  It took me a couple of years to learn this and then I learned it again and again.  Be the nice person.  More nice people would change the world.

Spill the Beans

Now, I am not telling you to reveal your best friend’s secret because that is totes not cool.  But, keep the old grown ups in the loop.  Believe it or not, we are like super curious about what you do all day and we want to hear about the good and the bad.  Also, we are grown ups and can totally help you out if you are having trouble with something.  Also, if you see something really wrong like someone getting hit or someone who does not look nice or a stranger lurking near the playground, you best tell the teacher fast.  Unzip your lips and make people happy.

p.s. my daughter’s teacher has a blog and she totally rocks my world by regularly telling us what the kids are up to.  Blogging is so cool.

Get Silly With It

Not in class, but Kindergarten is fun!  You are 4 or 5 or 6 and the world is your oyster, or for you, perhaps your popsicle. Need ideas? Make up a handshake.  Go all creative and teach your friends.  It is all kinds of fun and remains fun forever.  If you are going to make it secret, then only do it in secret, because you know, don’t leave people out of the awesome.  Dance funny.  Sing funny.  Make faces. Learn pig latin.  There is just so much awesome in being silly and while serious is cool in class, let your funky flag fly on the playground.  You will laugh and others will laugh with you.

Work Hard, Play Hard

This is it.  My final piece of advice.  Get your work done and then play.  Have fun.  Be a kindergartner.  Own it.  Every year you will inch closer to being an old grown up so grab life by the horns and live it!  Run around, get dirty, sing songs…just be happy.  Don’t let your responsibilities kill your mojo.  Us grownups could listen to this too.  You only live once and hard work is awesome but just make sure to remember to let loose!

Any other tips?  I would love to hear them!

Now it is Time to Name that Blogger

I loved kindergarten. So much new and wonderful independence and still so much fun! What better way to celebrate the good old days than to get together with a fabulous bunch of bloggers (there are 23 of us!), and do something fun for you, our readers? We present to you:


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