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We always travel with car seats. It is not the easiest thing to travel with young children on an airplane, but having our car seats with us in the airport, on the plane and when we land helps.  I’m excited to share two great products from Brica for traveling with car seats in the airport and offer you the chance to win your choice!

Brica Travel Giveaway

Why Travel with a Car Seat on an Airplane?

1. You will be using a car where you are going. All 3 of my children are 5 and under and still ride with a 5 point harness in the car. If your children are still in car seats you may want that level of safety at your destination. When we are heading to a destination where we will be driving, I want to have my own seats and feel totally comfortable installing them.

2. You have a seat on the plane for your baby or toddler. When we fly, we try to buy seats for all of our children.  Flying with a newborn in your lap is allowed, and I did it, but I felt much safer with my baby in her car seat for the flight.  When babies grow into toddlers, it helps them to be in their own seat and be able to be buckled in.  It also puts them up a little higher so using the tray table is easier.

The FAA does recommend that children be strapped in with a 5 point harness on the plane.  If you are bringing a car seat, whether for the plane or for your destination, you are covered.  You can also grab the CARES safety harness for the airplane if your child is over 22 pounds and simply check the seat to your final destination.  We have it and love it!

How to Carry Your Car Seat Through the Airport

It’s 2012 and boy has travel with a car seat gotten easier!  There are 2 great options for traveling in an airport with a car seat.  Basically you can put the seat in a bag to transport it or you can use the seat as a stroller in the airport.  Either way, Brica has you covered!

1. Turn Your Car Seat Into a Stroller with the Brica Car Seat Transporter

Brica Car Seat Transporter

This couldn’t get much simpler.  This little (and I mean little) piece of travel gear turns that car seat into a stroller in mere seconds so you can worry about getting to your gate and not man handling your toddler and your car seat.  Pretty genius.  It is built to hold your car seat in place, not tip over, fit in the overhead bin with your luggage and just make your whole life in the airport easier.  The wheels are smooth and durable for a comfy ride and they lock at the push of a button so you don’t have to worry about your little one rolling away.  The transporter comes assembled and ready to use. Music to a parent’s ears!

The transporter retails for $79.99 and is available from Amazon and Babies R Us.

2. Carry Your Car Seat in a Bag with the Brica Cover Guard

Brica Cover Guard

Car seats are big and are easiest to carry with a bag made especially for them.  It is much better to check a car seat in a bag than have it thrown in the luggage compartment with no cover and believe me, you do not want to carry a car seat through an airport without help!  Brica’s Cover Guard can be worn like a back pack or rolled through the airport.  Brica thought of everything on this bag.  For your comfort this bag has the wheels on the opposite side from most bags so they do not press into your tush.  This also places the tilt when the bag is rolling the opposite direction, making it more comfortable to roll.  This Cover Guard fit every seat Brica could find and was built to last through the rigors of luggage compartments and baggage claim.

My favorite thing about this is the pocket you can access from the outside!  We put blankets and diapers and stuffed animals in here and have never had a problem checking the bag.  On most airlines car seats check free so this is awesome!  If we are getting on the plane with our seats we’ve got the stuff we need close by.

The Cover Guard retails for $44.99 and is available from Amazon, Babies r Us and

Check out this video for all the details on the Cover Guard!

Win Your Choice of Cover Guard or Transporter

Brica is all about Making Together Better and is offering one lucky reader their choice of the Cover Guard or Transporter.  Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I was not provided with any products for this post.  I manage Social Media for Brica and LOVE these products and wanted to showcase them for my readers.

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