Riding the Bull at the Better-Than-A-Picnic

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As promised, dear readers, I rode the bull at the Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic yesterday.  I was one of only a handful of adults that braved this stunt in broad daylight without the help of a couple drinks in some bar.  Totally sober – I did this for you – and I actually loved it!  And now, for your enjoyment, the video.

Yes, I had to fall off because the F word was about to come flying out. I had already yelled “CRAP”, a word we do not use in front of the kids if possible (sometimes it is not possible) and the only word I could think of as the bull sped up was the F word.  So I fell off and forgot that the kids were watching and thought I was hurt.  Needless to say they did not let me ride the bull again and I scared them too.  I totally missed the fact that a 2 and 3 year old might not get that falling off was funny.  You get it though.  You are allowed to laugh…I look ridiculous!  And it feels faster than it looks.  Just sayin’…

Other than the 97 degree day the picnic was wonderful.  The kids all had a fabulous time making birthday cards for homeless children, riding the bull, and eating wonderful Hebrew National hot dogs.  They really were awesome, by the way.

The Airbus Before the Picnic...Mmmm...Hot Dogs!

While I loved the bull,

One Handed - Oh Yeah!

Miles loved him more.  He rode three times!  For a 2 year old I thought he really rocked it out!

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

While the mechanical bull was the most fun we have had in awhile, the best part of the day was meeting fellow bloggers and getting gift donations for Birthday Blessings.  I want to thank The Motherhood and Hebrew National for putting together picnics that give back to our community.

It was certainly Better-Than-A-Picnic!

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