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After almost 5 years of blogging at Mommy Words, it was time to say goodbye.  Farewells are hard, but change is good.  When you are stuck in a rut, sometimes big changes can propel you out of that rut and back into awesomeland.  For more than a year, I tried to make my ideas work with Mommy Words, but I looked at piles of mind maps and planned posts and editorial calendars and I knew I wanted something different.  My content was not focused on motherhood on a daily basis, so the name stopped working for me.

As I considered my options I decided to make the biggest jump there is in blogging.  I changed my entire domain name and all that goes with it.

Welcome to That’s Vandy

What you see here is a lifestyle site.  There are many things that make life incredible. One of which will now include being able to easily write about all the things I love!

That’s Vandy is about appreciating what we have in life as well as encouraging positive change in our lives and the world around us.  We can make a difference.

It is about celebrating whenever we can. We love to have people over and socialize and you can look forward to many ideas for easy get togethers as well as creative ideas for parties and decor.

It is about taking chances, exploring the world around us and learning some new skills.

It is about beauty.  Not perfection.  Taking pride in our own appearance and feeling good in your home are important.  It is not about vanity but about individuality, creativity, confidence, love and comfort.  Yes, there will be a style section coming soon!

It is also about my life as a woman, a wife, a mother and a friend.  Relationships are what really make life awesome.  I will never stop sharing my life and the amazing lessons I learn from my kids or the funny stories or my heart as a woman and a mother.

You may know I love me some DIY.  On our journey to awesomeland, I will share lots of tips and tutorials that will teach you to do some things yourself.  I craft.  I build furniture. I am not afraid of a project and I am living proof that you can learn how to do almost anything right here on the good ol’ www.  Currently, I am learning how to sew. I never feel better than when I learn something, complete it and know that I am awesome for doing at and saving a pile of cash at the same time!

What You Can Expect

All of the above and…

First, this site is not done.  Changing everything took a lot of work, and until it was all here, I couldn’t picture it as a whole.  I will be tweaking the design and organization for the next few months to make it as easy for you to find what you are looking for and to make what you see be a reflection of my vision for That’s Vandy.  Forgive me if there are times when things don’t look just right.  I am probably knee deep in some design or code mess at that moment and you are seeing the changes. I have added a category for blogging, where I will share what I learn and what I know about design, technology, tools and business.

One of the hardest thing about leaving a blog behind is the fear that you will leave your readers as well.  Add that to the ongoing nightmare with Google and Feedburner and I’ve been shaking in my boots!  I have signed up for Feedblitz and would love if you would resubscribe via RSS or email! I will be adding separate feeds for those of you who are interested in one topic over another, but you can also subscribe to the weekly Awesome newsletter and get a roundup with a big hello from me.  There will be some cool bonuses for subscribers so go ahead and sign up!

You can expect that I will respond to your questions and comments.  I want to build a community and participate in it.  I want to hear about you and your journey or your questions and I want to get to know you.

If you meet me you can probably expect a hug.  I’m a hugger.

What You Can do to Help

After we all have a moment of silence for Mommy Words, of course.  I told you where you can subscribe, but in all other ways but Facebook I am still Brittany Vandy!  You can also spread the word and share posts you like or just the new site!

Yep, That’s Vandy is on the Facebook.

Let’s Pin the Awesome.  I’m BrittanyVandy on Pinterest.

Let’s Instagram the beauty and the smiles and the style and those kids! I’m BrittanyVandy on Instagram

Go ahead, circle me baby.  I’m on Google+ too.

I will let you know when I begin the videos and then I will be sharing them on YouTube.  Not just yet though!

Thank you so much for your support over the years.  Now it is time to get our awesome on!

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