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By August 23, 2009Travel

My apologies!  We have been in Washington D.C. for the past week and Sophia and Miles, toddler representatives from the great state of North Carolina, had a very busy week in our nation’s Capital.

Sophia really wants to make sure  she will be able to see her cardiologist as usual twice a year to monitor those pesky holes in her heart and Miles is still pissed (as is his mother) that the insurance did not cover the Doc Band (see here and here) he needed for his severe plagiocephaly at birth that we were unable to correct with physical therapy. Yes, our toddlers are just freaks for good health care.   They were not fans of the vegetable garden, but then again they are not fans of vegetables.  That will come in its own time.

Unfortunately our computer was not allowed into the White House and we believe that something happened to it while in the hands of security to make it stop functioning while in the city.  This, of course, explains why I have not been able to write to you each and every day.  Between the cursed computer, our official duties, trips to different zoos, many museum hours and even a day in the neighboring state of Maryland I was unable to write.  I failed you, my dear readers.   My deepest apologies.

The good news is Sophia and Miles were a big hit in D.C. and were rewarded with lollipops as seen in this press core photo.

We are back and it’s gonna be better than ever!

Tomorrow is the big day!

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