Potty Time with a Penis

By November 11, 2009Life in General
Miles Loves the Potty

Miles Loves the Potty

This is a terrifying time – because I do not have a penis – but I am sick of changing poopy diapers and I swore that I would try to have Miles #2 trained by the time baby girl arrives in January.  Sophia was fully poop trained by 18 months and fully potty trained by 2.  I realize that for a boy with the equipment and the spray and all that stuff down there that it will be awhile longer before he is ready to pee pee on the potty but we must get this shit (literally) out of the way!  One baby pooping in diapers at a time is all I can handle.

The signs?  Yes please don’t fret ye who worry that kids just aren’t ready.  He knows the sign for poop and he points to his diaper and says something like poop (remember he is a man of few words).  This means he gets what it is.  I would have some cuter pictures of this momentous first potty time but last night he literally brought the potty, which Sophia has been showing him how to sit on, into the laundry room after dinner.

Ross took down the little man’s pants and he backed up just like Sophia showed him.  Yes, as you can see the whole family participated and Sophia coached / cheered him on.  “Miles, you can do it!”

Backing Up to the John

Backing Up to the John

Ross then showed Miles how he should put his penis between their legs so they won’t spray.  I nearly died hearing Ross and Sophia explaining this concept to Miles.    Sophia told him to pull his shirt up and he did.  Brilliant!  I am really hoping this having a second coach and cheerleader around will help.

Onesie Up! Penis Down!

Onesie Up! Penis Down!

I found the hardest part of potty training with Sophia was getting her to wait.  At first, kids are not great at having the pee pee or poo poo come out.  I think it might be stage fright or nerves – it just gets stuck in there.  They need to learn to sit and relax.  Ross used to read Sophia books on the potty.  Perfect task for a dude if you ask me.  I am an in and out kid of girl but dudes spend some major time in the loo already.  We just put some children’s books in there with the sudoku ;).  Miles thought it was great to sit and make poo poo and pee pee sounds for about 1 minute. 

How Long Do You Sit Here?

How Long Do You Sit Here?

1 minute is good for the first time.  Then he started getting restless.  You never want them to hate the potty so we told him to say bye to the potty and stand up if he was done.  He made the pee pee noise one more time and then stood up.  Ross tried to hold his penis down just in case he was standing up to pee.  He has done this after a bath before.
Done with Potty Time

Done with Potty Time

I was so proud of my baby boy even though there was barely one drop of pee pee.  He did not freak out and he seemed fairly happy about the whole experience.  Now we will start putting him on the potty at the time of day when he normally poops – when he wakes up – and keep going until we “catch” the poopy.  With Sophia it only took a couple of times to get the timing right and she was only 12 months old.  We’ll see how it goes this time and how much pee I will be covered in by breakfast time every morning.

Wish me luck!  I know I am out of my league.  More to come in this saga – The Adventures of Potty Training with a Penis!

 p.s. Yes, Miles drools that much in just a few hours and yes, his belly is that big.  Chubby babies rock!

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  • You are brave!! I didn’t attempt to potty train my son until he was almost 3! Then it was easy. My daughter was 3.5 before she was trained…of course, she was also almost 16 months before she walked and she never crawled. But, boy could she talk!!
    .-= Lee the Hot Flash Queen´s last blog ..PS Just Kidding =-.

  • Julia says:

    That’s great that you’re potty training so early. I am so glad I have girls though – I wouldn’t know what to do with potty training a boy and his penis 😉
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Veterans Day =-.

  • Erica says:

    !!!!! Sounds like fun. I’ve already started to train my daughter on the potty, but she can only go pee so far (she’s just about 6 months now). I’ve read that you can do something called “elimination communication” as early as newborn age and can start it before 4 months to establish a habit of not relying on a diaper. I don’t have tons of time to do it ALL day, but she knows when I put her on the potty and I turn on the water that she needs to go, but all of it has to go on in the bathroom. I even let her see me when I’m using the potty and make the sounds that I make when I’m showing her how to go so she makes the association. She even learned how to stick out her tongue and go “pbfffffff” in the process of me teaching her. lol, it’s so cute, but I think she does it just to mess with me. You may want to consider elimination communication for your soon to be baby and that way you can teach your little man and your new baby, and not have to rely on diapers so much. It may be a bit of work to start with, but may pay off big time. You might want to try finding some books, or just do a google search for elimination communication. GOOD LUCK!! Oh yeah, I was also just wanting to tell you I’m following your blog through google friends! Keep in touch!
    .-= Erica´s last blog ..Preventable =-.

  • Vodka Logic says:

    Glad I had girls who are now old enough to drive…don’t miss the potty days. good luck
    .-= Vodka Logic´s last blog ..Justifiable Homicide Tuesday =-.

  • andrea says:

    I tried to potty train my now 9 yo after my daughter was born( they’re 22 months apart) it was rough going at first… but i think see a little baby wearing diapers and him wearing diapers really motivated him to used he potty then the toilet 🙂 We fully toilet trained in a few months 🙂
    p.s. boys are way eaiser than girls() I think and I trained 3 boys 1 girl!

  • Angela says:

    This is hilarious! It wasn’t long ago that I too was in this stage! I opted to use the cold turkey method and let Ainsley run around bare assed! I have wood floor so no worry about carpet stains! By doing this she was poop trained in no time at all! The down side of that was walking down the hall and finding a pile of dump on the floor and my daughter hiding behind the door. This only happened twice! Then I started using underwear and she only pooped in them maybe 4 times after that it was like a miracle happened. Now even with her pee pee slip ups she has never had a poopy accident! Good luck on potty training I would be afraid of potty training a boy too! Loving your blog!

  • TooManyHats says:

    You have a great plan and an awesome attitude. Potty training was my least favorite thing ever.

  • BK says:

    He sure looked happy to be going through the training. 🙂

  • You just totally made me feel like I should be up and trying to get this potty training started. My son is 19 months. He’s been interested in the toilet now since at least 12 months.. I thought I would be able to start then but I was a little too eager. I have noticed that now that he is a bit older he IS able to hold it. I have watched him hold it. He tells me every single time he poops and immediately wants the diaper off. He tells me when he pee’s now too … AND a couple weeks ago, even though he pooped on the floor (lol) he made it onto the toilet in order to pee.. I ranted and raved for him so he’d know he was a big boy but things never really went anywhere after that.

    I’m going to try again! I can’t imagine waiting until 3. No thanks.

    Are girls really that much easier to train? My mom told me my sister and I were both fully trained by 18 months too. That just seems crazy to me. I totally can’t imagine it.

    Well good luck! At least you have a house full of people to help you out. Should make things easier?

  • Victoria says:

    Miles is a cutie! I think chubby babies rock too. Good luck continuing to potty train. 🙂
    .-= Victoria´s last blog ..Blog Friends =-.

  • Priscilla says:

    Good Luck!! I’ve potty trained one boy and have at least one more to go 😀

  • EcoMeg says:

    Wow, I am impressed by what you were able to accomplish with your first – best wishes for your second! My first (a boy) was daytime trained by 3 and nighttime trained very shortly thereafter. My second (another boy) knows what the potty is for but has very little interest in consistently using it. He is just over 2. We’ll try harder in the new year.

  • Candice says:

    I love the title of this post. LOL And the bruise makes it seems like Miles has done a full three rounds against the potty, which makes me love it even more.
    .-= Candice´s last blog ..In the guest spotlight =-.

  • Charlene says:

    My son is almost five and we STILL have occasional issues. (Check out my “Potty Talk” post for example.) So I think starting early is very smart!

    Good luck!!
    .-= Charlene´s last blog ..Five Ways to Steal Back Time =-.

  • I’m going through the potty training thing right now my my little girl…thanks for the tips! Good job on starting early!
    .-= Stephaine @ Geezees´s last blog ..What makes a marriage or relationship work?? Answer with One Word… Also, some Black and White Canvas Photos =-.

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