Play Like a Girl – Supporting Girls in Any Dream

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The folks at Verizon showed me a video series called Play Like a Girl. I loved every video of a little girl showing her brother she could rock football and since I don’t watch much television and never watch football unless we are having friends over for a game, I had not seen them. This is a sponsored post where we will talk about how freaking awesome little girls are and how we can and should encourage them to follow their dreams in athletics, art, dance or anything else.  It is a post I would have written anyway.


She plays like a girl because she is a girl. She is a strong, confident, talented, caring and focused girl who can excel at sports or anything else she puts her mind to. If you have daughters or grand daughters, I bet you know a girl like this too.

Girls Rock

Sophia was not yet 3 when she began playing soccer. She played in an afternoon soccer program with 3-5 year olds and that girl brought her game face from day one.  Her game face is the same as mine.  Tongue out with full focus in a skort. I loved that first season of soccer. It was my first time cheering on my first born little girl in an athletic endeavor and while everyone gets to score a goal at this age, I was so proud.  I will be cheering for her forever.

Sophia Goal

Our soccer seasons continued with Sophia  in Soccer Shots until she was old enough for Charlotte Jr. Soccer and joined The Pink Pony.  After playing for 2 more years, she took this fall off. We tried to convince her to play again, but she said she wanted a break and would think about it again in the spring.  I think she was tired after a ton of travel this summer and she expressed disappointment that she was not the top goal scorer on her team.  We have had a lot of conversations about dealing with disappointment and all the different roles on a team, but is she needed a break, that was fine.  She was 6. We don’t force our children to do any specific extracurricular activity but we do make sure they play some sport and learn to play piano.   I believe they need to be involved in athletics and that life is better when you know how to read music.

My job as a parent is to encourage my daughters (and my son, of course) to engage in an activity and give it their all.  What I saw from Sophia on the field and in the pool and what my husband sees on the golf range is a girl who is determined. who wants to win and who cares about helping other people excel.  I love what sports do for her physical health, for her friendships and for her confidence. When she is playing, she feels good. Now that she remembers that, I think she will get back on the field again.  Even without soccer, she does gymnastics, golf, will start swimming again soon, plays tennis and just likes to play.  Whatever she chooses, we will be there for her 100%.

Girl, get your game face on!  She can hold her own with the boys.  I just had to share one more pic of her first year in soccer.  There are hundreds and in everyone she has that tongue sticking out!

Sophia Focus

Who Says Girls Don’t Do Sports?

I think we must have come a long way, because every day I see posts on Facebook or have conversations with friends about how great their daughters are doing at soccer, swimming, tennis, field hockey…you name it! They are fully supportive of their girls and I can’t see them ever thinking a girl should just sit at home and play with dolls. Keep sharing those accomplishments friends!  I am really proud of all that our  girls are doing.

So maybe it is little boys who need to learn the lesson? I’m pretty sure the school yards are still full of girl versus boy stress.  I’m positive girls are left out of football matches and told to be cheerleaders.  I know boys that have told girls to play with their dolls.  As a parent I am teaching my son to let girls and boys play.  On our street girls and boys play games together. I hope that our teachers encourage the same behavior and discourage the exclusion of girls from athletic games at recess. This is where it starts.

When I watched the Verizon Play Like a Girl Videos, I immediately realized that girls get any booing from the playground or from the hopefully very rare parent who can’t let their girls get a little dirty on the field. I hope you enjoy this video as much I did and that you check out the rest of the series and Verizon FIOS. It is the bomb for sports fanatics or the casual fan (read: wife or mother who must learn football to participate in her husband’s and kids’ interests). Enjoy!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Verizon. The opinions and text are all mine.