Play Lady to his Tramp

By May 1, 2011Giveaways

You know it doesn’t matter if it’s dogs…that dinner scene with Lady and the Tramp just melts your heart. Romance is romance and pasta is just plain good. Well, if you love Italian you are going to love this.

Make it a date night or take the kids because Mama Ricotta’s here in Charlotte is offering $20 for just $5 through Juice in the City. Jump on this one. 75% off people.

Everyone loves to suck up some noodles and meet in the middle for a smooch or a giggle and this is your chance to grab the fun without the mess! Click on the pic to check out their menu.

Mama Ricottas

I grabbed mine so don’t delay. And please, if you have not signed up for Juice in the City yet, do yourself and your family a favor and get the best deals on everything for you and the rest of your brood delivered to your inbox each day! Sign up for Juice in the City today!

Disclosure: I am a Juice in the City Ambassador and am compensated for helping spread the word on this fantastic launch. All of the opinion I present are my own. Yep, I, like you, love a good deal. The juicier the better.

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