Now for a Holiday Photo with All Three Kids

By November 21, 2010My Life

There’s this tree up the street from me that is stunning.  I told the kids it is a fairy tree and they totally believed me. 

Miles thought he was at the home of Peter Pan and The Lost Boys.  He was stoked.

Sophia is pretty convinced she is a fairy so it was no problem getting her to pose for the camera.  It was hard to get her to look forward because she swore she saw fairies.

I am determined to get our holiday picture on this tree but it turns out baby Violet is only 10 months old and has no idea what the hell a fairy is so this impressive fact did not sway her opinion of the tree.  Being only a baby, she could not get past the rough bark under her tush. 

Miles tried to be a gentleman and hold her, but it looks like she is quite a handful. I have no idea what Sophia is doing here.  She did not volunteer to help.

So, we will go back to the tree next weekend and try again for a holiday picture that includes all 3 of our children smiling.  I will bring a little blanket for Violet’s sensitive behind.  And maybe a little bit of luck and pixie dust I can get the picture I want…3 happy kids…and not overexposed.

That’s probably asking too much, right?

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