Nothing to Wear in an Emergency and She Still Saves a Life

By November 5, 2010Safety

I just saw this video for the first time and I will be talking to my kids about what to do in an emergency when they wake up tomorrow.  This precious 5 year old talks to the 911 dispatcher while her dad is having a heart attack.  While she stays calm and probably saves her fathers’ life, she also remains concerned with her wardrobe for meeting the firemen.

This is heartwarming, educational and so…so…funny.

Enjoy…then grab your kids and show them how to use the phone, how to unlock the door (only when it is an emergency and a grownup or 911 operator tells you to) and oh…not to worry if you are in your jammies or your undies or your prettiest princess gown.

Our kids can save our lives.

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