Not So Silly Bands

By June 11, 2010Parenting

Sophie and Miles Display their Silly Bling

The kids are obsessed with Silly Bands.  Essentially they are rubber bands that when off your arm take the shape of an animal or object.  Miles’ favorite is the purple Train.  Sophia’s is a purple and white castle and a pink mermaid.   When piled on your arm these bring me right back to the jelly bands and charm necklaces and yes, garbage pail kids of the 80’s and I can’t believe that my kids are old enough to actually participate in a fad. 

This Silly Band craze is so easy.  It’s about $5 for a pack of 24 similarly themed bands in multiple colors.  There are no nasty themed bands that I have come across although I am sure some perv makes them and I will admit some well loved bands do take on a definite phallus shape.  Oh well, that just makes it funnier for me when Sophie asks me why I am laughing at the inchworm and then follows up with “Mommy, do you want this one”?  No honey, keep your little penis.  Mommy is okay.

These Silly Bands are nothing like the last fad I can remember – the Garbage Pail Kids.  Doug Plug, Smelly Sally, Adam Bomb, Meg-A-Volt and the rest of the gang were nasty booger and puke and death inspired cards in the 80’s that me and my brother collected, traded and found absolutely hysterical.  I am sure our parents and parents the country over, feared for our generation.  These cards are disturbing.  I am always honest though – they are part of my childhood so I remember Bone Head Fred (his barber exposes bone on his skull) with fondness.

To be honest, the silly bands are totally positive.  I am completely stoked.  I  think they look cool on and I kid you not – these are teaching lessons.

Sharing:  If you have a majillion silly bands on your wrist and you wear them out and you meet a friend with no rocki’ bands of their own you MUST give that friend enough to rock some serious silly bling of their own.  This is not optional.  The kids do not get to take one measly band off.  They each must share a lot.  This has been a great lesson and now both Sophia and Miles love to give silly gifts to their friends and are even getting better with sharing other toys at home.

Appropriate Play:  All the trading and on and off is not good for school or temple or the dinner table.  The bands could also be a choking hazard for a little one so the kids are not allowed to wear these to school or to meals and they are learning that some things are really awesome and fun but might not be okay 24/7.  For some reason they are starting to get it and now remind me that it’s time to take our bands off.

Trading Skills:  Like baseball cards or sticker books, the kids trade these bands.  There are thousands of colors and designs and they want to get as many as possible.

Counting and Colors and Organization:  We count our silly bands.  We organize them by color or shape or theme.  We put them in special little boxes.  The kids enjoy tallying their numbers and announcing their wealth of bands in numbers.

So you see, these little bands are not so silly after all.  I am going to relish in this little fadwith my kids and enjoy the pleasure of a feel good fad before they are so old that they want to play with guns or get tattoos or any of the other crap that I am sure is in my future!

What fads are in your house?  What do you remember coveting as a child?  I would just love to know what else is out there and what I have to dread  look forward to!

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  • vodka logic says:

    Even my 21 yo is wearing them. She hears there are Disney princess ones and wants some… lol.

    Fad in my house is sleep and driving the new car.
    .-= vodka logic´s last blog ..Fruit Smoothie =-.

  • Shell says:

    I heard about these, but didn’t know what they were!

    Cute…unlike the Garbage Pail Kids.

  • Mandy W. says:

    We love silly bands and between the four girls have about 200 of them so far!

  • MommyB says:

    I dunno about fads, A has gotten into the Silly Bands because we were able to review Googly Bandz, a great knock off version 12 for $1 but I totally remember sooo many things I collected, like Popples, which weren’t really collectibles and I know this is weird but I would go to Hershey park each year and they had little, plastic, hershey kiss men with hershey kiss heads and I would collect each one, I wish I still had those, they may sell for a pretty penny, can’t find them anywhere now.
    .-= MommyB´s last blog ..Phoebe Nursingwear Review and Giveaway =-.

  • julia says:

    i’ve seen these around and at first i was like, what in the world are these??? but the kids love ’em!
    .-= julia´s last blog ..Summer Bucket List =-.

  • Michelle says:

    How funny! I just saw a silly band sword in my floor this morning and had to take a double look and say, “That looks like a….surely not!”

    Too many fads from childhood to count but Jellies were right on…you know.. the shoes?
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Shepherding a Child’s Heart =-.

  • Mandi Bone says:

    I still have my garbage pail kids cards in storage. My daughter have not found out about these yet. But I am sure it is going to happen.
    .-= Mandi Bone´s last blog ..Rules are for following =-.

  • Amy says:

    I never heard of these. I NEED to have some. For Nola, of course.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Nola Nola Nola The Explorer =-.

  • Heligirl says:

    These sound so cool. My 2.5 year old is a bit your, but this sounds like the thing my little girl will be totally into in the next couple of years. Oh man, how I remember those Garbage Pal Kids. I often wondered if our parents thought we’d end up in some prison somewhere. Ha, ha.
    .-= Heligirl´s last blog ..Let’s Talk About Sex =-.

  • Natacha says:

    I saw these as a craze now… all the kids are wearing them, however my son is not interested, but I would expect that, he not much of a “trend” kind-of-guy…

  • Rose says:

    Hi, I’m popping over to visit from Gail’s Featured Follower Friday post.
    Love your post on fads. I never heard of the silly bands, but love how you found and pointed out the positive lessons of fads.
    Had to laugh when you mentioned the garbage pail kids. I totally banned them from my house when my kids were little, they were so disturbing!
    Looking back I think I was way too uptight of a mom….

  • Judy Balloff says:

    you should get silly band to be one of your sponsors d

  • Those are so cute! I remember being obsessed with collecting smurfs for a while
    .-= Hear Mum Roar´s last blog ..Partners in crime this morning =-.

  • These are cute! Such pretty colours.

  • Julie M. says:

    Would you believe they banned silly bands at Nick’s school? Besides Garbage Pail Kids, I remember friendship bracelets. Ah, the memories of childhood.
    .-= Julie M.´s last blog ..Crabby Cakes =-.

  • My 4 and 2 year old love these too. I think they’re one of the better fads that are out there and one of the better ones that I can even remember!! I agree that it teaches sharing and my kids understand the point of them. 🙂 I even love them!! I wear some too. Yes, mommy is participating in a fad. Oh well!
    .-= Krissy @ Artsy Mom´s last blog ..Who doesn’t love a good carnival?? =-.

  • Annah says:

    This is one of those things that I’m like, “Why did’t I think of this?!” MONEY! I love those stupid little things 🙂 lol

  • Liza says:

    I didn’t realize they were SHAPES when not wearing them! How fun!
    Yes, I was part of the Garbage Pail Kid generation, but they were too gross for me. My husband was one for Halloween one year. I liked the Slap Bracelets. I tried to make my own out of Venetian blinds. Yeah, not so successful there. They’re too floppy.

    ALSO, wanted to thank you for your post/giveaway some months ago about the Fisher Price Rock n’ Sleep (or Sleep n’ Play, something). My little girl was born on the 2nd and sleeps in it all the time! It’s great because it helps keeps her a little squished up like she was on the inside. Perfect! Wouldn’t have known about it if not for your blog!

  • Jenny says:

    My daughter loves these too. She just got a 24 pack tonight and thought of two friends to share them with, so there you have it. They are learning. And these are totally harmless and don’t make a mess of take up too much space in my house. Good for me!
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Is It Possible To Enjoy Myself Too Much? =-.

  • Bryna says:

    Nola hasn’t really gotten hooked on them… yet. But she has gotten some from cousins and friends. She usually ends up losing them. Another great thing about them, they will double as a hair band in a pinch!

    My favorite fad, that my sister picked up at an antique store for my daugher *sniff*, was Dolly Pops. SO many hours of fun!

    And do you remember “Cheeky Charlie” from the GPK collection. He was by far my favorite. Not gross, but cute!
    .-= Bryna´s last blog ..Nolaisms =-.

  • MamaCas says:

    One of your comments mentioned the Smurfs! I LOVED THE SMURFS! Where I grew up, we had a Hardees that gave away a Smurf glass with every “kids meal” and there was a new design every week. I collected every single one.

    My mother STILL has those glasses.
    .-= MamaCas´s last blog ..The Accidental Racist =-.

  • Tim Owens says:

    Very nice post! Nice to see you embellishing the fad with your kids. We did so we well. We even got so into, I decided to create a website for the kids to keep up with their band collections and make it fun! Feel free to check it out and let your kids choose the bandz they have! It’s totally secure!

    We will also building fun interactive games including BandzBingo and BandzMemory.. coming soon!


  • Bee says:

    The bands look great and children are trying to have fun with them. It seems a great social piece for some kids. However, I would caution parents to monitor their children wearing too many bands. I removed bands from a 1st grader this week at school, because his arms and fingers were blue-gray. His fingers on one arm were very swollen and hurt. He could not even bend fingers to hold his pencil.

    • Brittany says:

      Thanks for the comment. As I said – no silly bands at school and all bands stay on the wrists – no ankle bands, no higher on the arm. My kids are 2 and 3 so the bands are very loose and they are always with me.

      How many bands would a 1st grader have to have to be tight? Where were they? The bands are so loose that it seems like a lot! You might want to make a no bands at school rule too! They can be very distracting and it seems they can pose a danger.

  • Wow sillybands are so cool. It becomes a crazy and every kid loves it. I love the colors and shapes. GREAT FUN! Even one of my friends in UK just called me two days ago and asked if I had some dogs and cats shaped sillybands!

    However I agree with Bee. Parents should not let the kids wear them too long or could choose some bigger size for your kids.

  • Kelly says:

    My kids love Silly Bands, too. They don’t really understand the fad, so it was hilarious when a kid came up to my big kid and said, “So you wanna trade me some on them bands or what?” Javi was so confused and weirded out! A learning experience indeed.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..A girl and a movie =-.

  • Lisa says:

    does anyone know where you can get silly bands storage boxes? The smaller ones that can be personalized? I want to buy some in bulk (around 20) but I don’t want to pay retail…any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

  • 1sattymom2b says:

    I love silly bands my kid isn’t born right yet
    but my bf’s little girls loves them also!

  • Silly Mama says:

    You can buy the best new product out to hold all your silly bandz. I just got 6 for my kids. The kids love them they hold up to 600 silly bandz. My little ones love the zebra snap and rockstar.

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