Not a Night for Blogging…A Night for Baby

By November 8, 2010Uncategorized

I have not been much for blogging today as I have had my boob stuffed in the mouth of a teething 9 month old.  I think the teeth must be stuck in there given the intensity of her wailing whenever she is without the boob.  It’s nice to know my tatas are so useful but there may be nothing left of them after this.

Her screams are deafening and heartbreaking and they make my mommy brain crazy with that special combination of wanting to cradle her, wanting to take away her pain, contemplating whether or not she really needs teeth, wanting to go outside so I can get a 5 minute break and wondering…will I ever have my boobs back?

Anyhoo, I now have Sophia on my floor because she could not handle the screams (there are times when shared rooms suck) and my husband annoyed at my computer clicking because I think he is the most messed up by this time change of anyone (he did wake up with them at 5 am) and me just sitting here waiting for the almost exactly hourly screams to begin again.

Sounds fun don’t you think?

My headache is preventing me from anything more brilliant so tonight I will do what all we moms have to do…

Put away my original plan for the evening to nurse my baby, to handle her pain, to help her through this tough time.

Because my first priority can never get lost.  Sometimes for a moment or two I allow myself to stress out about the blog.  But I know that the most important thing is not the blog (or how my boobs look when all this is over)…but my baby, my kids, my husband…my family.

So goodnight all and sweet dreams. Here’s hoping these teeth come in tomorrow!

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