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By November 7, 2010Opinion, Self Image

A few days ago Miles and Sophia entertained us with a fabulous fashion show.  These shows are fantastic and make me fall head over heels in love with my kids over and over again.  We always do interviews of the characters and the kids love it.  They always dig into my closet for heels and into the bin of accessories for jewels and into the huge plastic dress-up box for their costume of choice.  They can choose anything from Princesses and Pirates to Magicians and Construction Workers.

More often than not, they both select a dazzling gown and parade around the house as princesses dripping with jewels and balancing in the fanciest shoes.  Sophia taught Miles how to walk in heels before he was 2, so now they are both pros.

I think they both looked fabulous, so we caught the moment with a terrible blackberry photo.  My son Cinderella is ready for the ball with Snow White.  I think he rocks.  They both do.

Just hours after the show I stumbled upon this post on Nerdy Apple Bottom.  Her son dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween and was judged by PARENTS at his pre-school.  It touched something in me when I thought of how much Miles loves to dress up.   I could picture the comments and the judgement and it made me nauseous.  Kids are kids and dress up is dress up and it is supposed to be fun to be something you are not.   I don’t care what he dresses up as so long as he is happy and being creative…with one exception.  We don’t allow private parts to show after one unfortunate fashion show choice.  Other than that…he can be a princess ’till the cows come home.

Since I read that post millions of others have read it and seen it on television and commented more than 35,000 times.  This momma hit a nerve because she posted about the incident at school and made it clear that a costume is a costume and does not say if your child is gay or straight and that if he or she is gay – it’s totally cool.  The only uncool thing is PARENTS looking down on children and judging them and making them uncomfortable and perpetuating homophobia to begin with. We are supposed to support children and their choices and for heaven’s sake people – this was a Halloween costume!

So I thought I would just post how cute my own Princesses are and let it be known to the world (why it should have to be told I have no idea) that it’s okay for kids to dress up as something that they are not in real life.  That’s the whole point, actually. 

Truth be told – this is a much better costume than the construction worker anyway.  As much as I love tools more than heels (you know this is true) I totally think the Princess costume is SO much cooler.

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  • You’re so right on this, Brittany. After I read Nerdy Apple Bottom’s post, I emailed my sister. There was a famous photo in the family album (from probably 1968 or 69) that showed my sister and me playing dress up with the boy next door. And, like you said, it was completely innocent. No one ever commented on it in a derogatory way toward the boy or anything like that. And certainly, no one would ever have felt compelled to judge his parents for allowing him to do it. The reaction to Boo’s Daphne costume was absurd, I thought. Just shows how everyone is all up in everyone else’s business these days. I’m glad you’re standing up for kids with honest and loving posts all the time.

    And we all surely know how much you love power tools!
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  • Jamie says:

    I’d be willing to bet the majority of boys who dress up in girls’ dress up clothes don’t end up as gay anyhow. I remember dressing my brother up in the early 80s. He’s marrying a girl next August. (In fact, I have a picture of him as a pre-teen wearing my graduation dress and heels). There just aren’t a lot of fun dress up options for boys for starters and sec0onds, why do we perpetuate double standards? It’s cute when the girls play Daddy. Why can’t a boy play Mommy? Why can’t he have dolls? And a kitchen? And a doll stroller? I’ve always thought that whole thing was silly.

    When my oldest was three, my FIL and his wife bought her a tonka truck. My FIL’s wife apologized if it offended us. Why would i be offended? A tonka truck is a great toy. And all three of my little girls have played with it. Gender stereotyping is such bull crap.

  • Bryna says:

    My mom is a pre-k teacher. She says that the boys come in and run to play with the sparkly beads and/or dolls quicker than you can bat an eye. I think it’s because it’s 1. available for them to play with and 2. not looked down upon at school. The girls do the same thing! They use the trains, tool benches and such. If they never get to play with that stuff at home because you don’t have it, then of course they want to play with it!

    I think it’s ridiculous to judge a kid for what they do when they are so little. They are kids and kids want to have fun. Dress up = fun!!!!

  • I love your little princesses! I’m glad you aren’t stifling his creativity over some silly stereotype–what are people thinking?

  • I’m so WITH ya on this! Big Roo has a pink bear named Burt and we’ve received a few “joking” comments like “what does your husband think about him carrying a pink bear around?” and I’m like seriously? It’s a stuffed bear!

    I have this pic of him in a fairy costume of his cousin’s. I think it’s hilarious. You’re right though… dressing up with sparkly stuff is more fun than boy clothes.
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  • abbie says:

    Know the post you are speaking of and LOVED it! We need more mommas to post pictures like this and say that it is okay. They are just kids and parents need to be the example of acceptance and not the example of how to bully.
    Great post and love the picture, they look adorable.

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