My Husband Had A Date Tonight

By November 15, 2010Marriage, Motherhood

I was not on it.  He went to a very fancy Wild Game and Zinfandel dinner at my favorite restaurant in Charlotte, The Fig Tree.  He went with another dude.  Yep, one of our good friends from college was here and they went on a dinner date without me.

The thing is, before I had kids I totally would have been there.  I am good friends with Zinfandel.  Not so much with wild game but before kids…who the hell cares?  Night out at an awesome restaurant, I’m game.

Now, it’s like I’m a whole different person.  I have changed since becoming a mother. 

I now eat with my kids.  And we eat early.  When my husband is not in town we eat between 4:30 and 5 pm.  When he is in town and home for dinner they whine about being hungry until we eat at 6.  After a couple of years, one gets used to feeding onself at this time.   Now, I whine until Ross gets home too.  I am hungry in the afternoon and if we eat dinner we eliminate the need for another snack and everyone actually eats.  So, dinner starting at 7 or later?  Not for me.  I love going out but normally will eat early and then get something small at a restaurant and enjoy my wine.

I now have a stomach the size of a peanut.  No, it does not look so small on the outside.  That would rock.  I simply cannot eat as much at one time as  I used to.  So a 5 course meal would be money grossly wasted on me.  I might only make it through 2…if I tried.  And took a walk in between courses.  I just start to feel a little sick.  I wish this was not so, but so be it.  

The cost of a babysitter for 3 kids is a lot.  So to add the cost of the sitter to the cost of me would be so ridiculous.  Especially if I only ate a couple bites.  Hey mom, want to quit your job, move here and watch my kids for free?  No, well then I will just be an all hours SAHM.

I now have a house that looks like a pig sty by the end of the day and making the kids pick up their stuff (which I do) still doesn’t get the dishes or the laundry or the cleaning of my own stuff done.  So, in the evenings, I have to do all this junk of keeping a house at least partially presentable.  This is not my favorite part of motherhood.  This part stinks.

Getting dressed up is really hard.  I’m all sensitive about so many things now and I cry over every ill fitting outfit and I probably haven’t showered so really, I might just not be presentable at many nice establishments anymore. 

I didn’t used to have this lovely little blog and sign up for crazy things like NaBloPoMo where I post everyday.  I love being committed to my place here on the internet but for this month, it means I need to give up some things.  Things like fancy wine dinners.

So now you know why I sent my husband off for a dude date and stayed in saving money, doing laundry, attending a twitter party, sending emails and blogging.

All in my pajamas.  

Just the way I like it.

I did miss the nice wine though.  I tapped into a Target wine box.  So not the same thing. 

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  • Yuliya says:

    Getting dressed up IS really hard!
    Maybe take out can be your solution?
    Yuliya recently posted… at the end of the tunnelMy Profile

  • Loukia says:

    Oh yes, I totally understand. Once I get home from work, during the week, forget about it – it’s very hard to get me out of the house again. I just want to stay home, eat an early dinner, and spend quality time with my boys!

  • Mama Fuss says:

    I hear you. We still eat late (my husband doesn’t get home until late and I can’t stand to cook for just me and a toddler who most likely won’t eat it anyway) and I even dragged my kids out last night to a meet-up with an old friend of my husband’s. But my daughter is still really flexible and the baby is completely portable (have boob, will travel) so I made it work last night. But there was no wine involved, unfortunately!

  • bryna says:

    When the kids get older, we can reenter the adult world of fancy wine dinners. For now, crock pots and laundry are our friends! 🙂

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