My Ears are Ringing

I have not been able to taste or hear for almost a week.  I know, that sucks right?  A week ago I was feeling much better after getting over a nasty flu.  The one night, my eyes started itching.  I took my contacts out and put on my glasses so that my children would have one more reason to paw at my face.  A few hours later, my eyes hurt and I felt pressure in my head.  I felt like crap so I took a shower.  After  the shower I thought I might have water in my ears because I could not hear my kids very well and they were yelling as usual.  So I tried to pop my ears.

Only one popped.  The other one squealed like a baby pig.  I was annoyed and all of a sudden felt nauseous.  I tried everything but could not get it to pop.  Of course I tweeted it and Dr. Twitter was no help.  I know, shocking right?

I decided to get the kids in bed as soon as possible and have a snack and a glass of wine.

I poured myself a bowl of goldfish and a glass of wine and sat down to bemoan my miserable ears.  But I could not taste the goldfish.  I tried other things but I could not taste anything.  Except my wine.  Thank God I can still taste the sweet wine.

Then it hit me.  My mom had a friend with brain cancer who could not taste or smell anything but she could taste wine.  In my fragile state I sort of panicked.

I waited a couple days and took some allergy medication but nothing helped.  My ear popped and then clogged up again.  That squealing noise continued.

I finally took my tush to the doctor fearing the worst but starting to feel very much like spring was upon me.

I was right.  He doubts I have brain cancer but is pretty sure my allergies are kicking my ass early and…get this…I am a grownup with an ear infection.

A flipping ear infection.

So my ears hurt like hell and I now feel for babies and toddlers around the world.  I am sad for their ears and happy that at least I can have a glass of wine.  Poor babies, they can’t.

I am hopeful that I will taste, smell and hear well again soon but until then I will eat very sour candy and have my wine at night.

I will have my wine instead of the Sudafed recommended by the doctor because I now believe that Sudafed is of the devil.  It makes me feel like crap and did not restore any of my valuable senses.

It’s okay to feel bad for me.  The only positive other than the wine is that I can’t smell poopy diapers.

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  • Deb says:

    I’m glad you do not have a brain tumor. THAT would be the worst. Earaches, however, are pretty rough. Take care of you…! And enjoy the not smelling of poopy diapers.
    Deb recently posted… stream of consciousness Sunday – medicatedMy Profile

  • Poor You! I heard that adult ear infections suck big time! I am totally with you go for the wine instead of the sudafed. Sudafed does not help me at all and makes me feel very lethargic.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  • Corey says:

    I’m so sorry to hear! Not being able to taste must be awful – and ringing in the ears can drive you nuts. Hope you are feeling 100% soon. Try local honey for the allergies and warm garlic/olive oil drops for the ears 🙂 (p.s. I had a double ear infection somewhat recently and felt really silly telling people about it as well! The garlic/olive oil seemed to help a lot)

  • Fadra says:

    Oh I laughed the whole way through this. A few reasons why:

    1. You eat goldfish with wine.
    2. You still drink wine even when you’re sick.
    3. You self- diagnose yourself with terminal diseases.
    4. You hate Sudafed.
    5. You suffer from allergies.

    We should be best friends. We are so alike. Except I don’t like goldfish. And I didn’t get allergies until after I had my son!!!

  • gigi says:

    Aw, I hope you feel better soon, gal!! Hang in there!

    p.s. Stay away from WebMD when you’re sick. 🙂
    gigi recently posted… Flight of FancyMy Profile

  • blueviolet says:

    You didn’t even have any pain and you have an infection? I know what you mean about the nausea though. When my ears are clogged and I have a huge problem with that, I feel off balance, dizzy, and really sick. I hope yours clears up soon!

  • liz says:

    That’s no good! I can’t stand when my ears are stopped up, and now you have an ear infection?!? I hope you feel better soon!
    liz recently posted… My Personal Love-Hate RelationshipMy Profile

  • Glad to hear you don’t have brain cancer – but ear infections SUCK! My husband just recovered from one. Feel better soon!

  • Bryna says:

    I agree. Sudafed does nothing for me but make me feel loopy. YUK! Feel better soon! Til then, Cheers!

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