Motherhood is My Project: The Project Mom Casting Call

Well hello friends!  Have you heard that the producers of Project Mom Casting are interviewing mom bloggers for the chance to be on a reality show about the aforementioned awesome online chicks!  I kid you not.   Since I will SO be watching this show I thought it could only be that much better to be on such a wonderfully themed program.  This post is my audition.  There is no casting couch that I know of and being a faithful wife I would have to pass anyway so what follows is my by the books submission.  Wish me luck!

{By wishing me luck I really mean…} Feel free to tweet this to the masses, share it on facebook and tell those awesome producers on their facebook page that you would love to see my circus on the tube!  They want to see me rally my readers and fans so if you are a lurker and thought one day you might comment or like me on facebook – now would be a lovely time for you to do so.  That’s enough of my begging.  I must retain some dignity if I’m gonna be on T.V. and all! 

Yeah, right.

My Official Submission (Wouldn’t My Husband Love to Hear That) in 498 Words

This is what I look like.  That calm smile has a direct link to the bottle of wine behind me and the older children keeping my children busy while I drank it.  The man is the cutie I convinced to marry me.  And then give me 3 kids in 3 years.  Yep – It’s a circus around here.

In One Line:  I share my circus of exceptional chaos hoping we can come together, laughing or crying, on the most real journey I can think of:  Motherhood.

What is my story?    

I am Brittany and I am a Project Mom.  My whole life I have thought in terms of  big plans, extensive tasks and major undertakings.  Motherhood is my greatest challenge, my priceless gift and the most important project of my life.  I blog about all of it while I try to do it all.

My Grand Scheme is was to somehow find the perfect balance of being a mom, a wife, a friend, a blogger, a helper, a traveler and a DIY project nut.   I am comfortable sharing all of these misadventures with my readers and friends, and (of course) revealing that perfect balance is not possible and probably not as fun either.

I love to laugh and I hope you laugh with me.  That’s why I show you pictures of me sticking a flashlight and an ipod down my underpants in an effort to DIY turn my breech baby.  I also let my kids milk me. Wouldn’t that make for some kick ass reality T.V.? 

I know the value of sharing stories of pain and the courage to overcome obstacles with friends and I have found that my online friends provide a fabulous shoulder to cry on.  A terrible miscarriage brought me online and the friends I made literally kept me going.  I feel constantly embraced and strengthened by my online friendships.

I build things.  With power tools.  Then I show you how.  I love making things with my hands and am determined to keep my passion for DIY alive even with 3 tiny ones in the house.  How much more reality show perfect can I get with all this DIY wonder!  I finished Miles’ toddler bed the night before Violet was born.  Ah the power of a prego’s nesting instinct!

I have discovered the power social media has to make positive changes in our communities and I am proud to work with Huggies on the Every Little Bottom campaign and the Hebrew National Better Than a Picnic project.   My online voice is making a difference!

I am totally honest about the completely un-sexy parts of motherhood and the times when things are a little lackluster.  I showed you my day after baby belly.  I’m all about keepin’ it real around here! 

I find pure joy in the chaos and I post mad pictures of my kids and stories of our life.  This is about sharing my unique story. I am totally ready for a Project Mom reality.

Pick Our Mommy Please!

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