Mother Nature’s Beautiful Mistake

By March 2, 2012My Life, Parenting

Yesterday was March 1st and temperatures in Charlotte hit 78 degrees!  In all honesty, I spent a great day of time while my kids were in school pondering global warming and wondering how people could doubt that something totally fishy is going on.  A quarter of the country is freezing with snow days in the Northeast and just hours south we threw on our bathing suits.  That fishy sunshine warmed my spirits after a very tough few weeks.  With that kind 0f sun and 3 kids, my thoughts of the planet disappeared when we got home from school.

Bathing Suit Boy

Peeling our shoes and socks off and walking through the soft warm grass was heavenly. The kids stripped all clothing off immediately and demanded bathing suits.  We filled the baby pool, got out the hose and the watering pots and spent the entire afternoon basking in the sun.  Well, let me be clear.  I basked in the sun.  The kids ran around like banshees without any help from me having the time on their lives.

I repeat, I basked in the sun.  A day of sunshine, some water and a few plastic toys and I was totally off the hook!  I cannot wait for spring to be here (at the appropriate time of course).

There was one problem. The kids showed Violet how to escape from our secret garden and get to the street with no one seeing.  I totally thought she might be a goner for a moment!  So, I need to close that little passage to death off and then I can become a porch mom.

Has a much nicer ring than stage mom or soccer mom, right?

Come on over, the water is fine…and so is the wine.

Dude, I didn’t even do the work to bust out my camera.  This is my iphone pic so I’m all about linking up to the iPhone Photo Phun with Liz.

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