Monthly 2012 Calendar {Free Printable}

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The new year is fast approaching and as we make our goals organization is at the top of many a list.  While we have online calendars and apps, I always find it helps to have a calendar I can write on.  I put one in my family binder and one in my blog binder and have a place where I can easily write out our life with my pretty pens.  I will never give up my pens and my little lists.  I love writing things down.

Monthly 2012 CalendarPin It

This is a simple monthly calendar made the way I like it.  Any extra space is used for notes and it is formatted so you can easily put three holes in the top and pop it in a binder or insert it into a plastic sleeve.  It prints on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

It also has a nifty little place to write your main goal for the month.  For me, having weekly and monthly goals is a big help.  Giving yourself a focus for a smaller period of time can be very rewarding and help you to pin point a specific achievable goal.  Anything from cleaning out the attic to organizing your closet to finding a date night with your husband is fair game.  Write it down, look at it when you glance at the calendar and make it happen!

Go ahead, get organized with the Monthly Calendar 2012 or the Monthly Calendar 2012 with Jewish Holidays and get your new year started right!

If you want to download the calendar in MS Word, here it is!  I made it in Word 2010 so hopefully it will work in whatever version you have.  Monthly Calendar 2012 MS Word

If you missed it and you have a blog, check out the Weekly Blog Planner Printable!

If you want more organization, I will be sharing my whole family binder and printables with you this coming year!  Please consider subscribing via RSS or Email so you don’t miss a thing!

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