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By March 28, 2011What's Your Word

I am so excited to announce the beginning of a new project here at Mommy Words. The best part of this new project is that it is a collaboration between me and you.

Starting next Monday, there will be a new weekly feature here called What’s Your Word?  Each week a new word will be our focus and we will share our thoughts about that word and how it relates to us.  Words are powerful.  They are emotional.  They spark memories and ignite conversation. Word by word, we will learn about each other, share our lives and make new friends.  I am sure we will laugh and cry on this journey.

What's Your Word?

The concept is simple.

Each Monday I will announce a new word with some basic ideas and thoughts on how that word is relevant and exciting to explore.  That post will be our word / topic for the next week.  So you will have a week to work on your post.

Then, I will present a featured post on the word of the week. This post might be from me but I would just love if it was from you!  I want to feature other writers or vloggers or photographers!   Oh yes, this is a mixed media project.  Your post might be written or it may be a video or a photo.  It can be long or short.  Whatever works for you works for this.  And no, you do not have to be a blogger at all.  If you have a post on the word just link up and start checking out the other What’s Your Word entries for the week!

I can’t wait to see the meaning of these words to different people.  Even a simple word like Happy can mean so many things to different folks.

So yes, this is my first meme here at Mommy Words.  But it’s not just memememe it’s us!  Please join me!  Head on over to the What’s Your Word? page and check out some of the words or pick one of your own and send me an email with your choice!

I am new at all this, so please help me spread the word!  All your support is much appreciated!

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