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We all know how much I love hosting playgroups and about once a month I invite gobs of gals over with their kiddos for some fun!  This month, I was lucky enough to host an Episencial Mommy Party and show my friends a new all natural skincare line for babies and kids!  We are a neighborhood full of green moms so I was thrilled to find out that Episencial products are free of parabens & phthalates and loaded with all natural organic ingredients.  Als0 – these products are packaged in recycled materials and manufactured using solar power.  If that isn’t cool enough…the packaging will win you over…

It’s Eric Carle people…that Hungry Caterpillar love is all over these!  That alone makes these products a top pick for my kiddos, who normally beg and plead for the totally not organic Dora or Princess bath stuff.

So I invited a bunch of mommies over to sample these goodies and go home with a treat bag of their own.  It turns out that this mommy ended up making a few house calls because with some bug going around Charlotte and 2 of my mommies going into labor I got emails about how they were so excited but um…had to have the babies you know…so I had fun with a few moms at my house and then struck out to deliver the extra bags.

Everyone loves these products…and so do I!  I have 2 children with eczema and very sensitive skin in general so I am very careful about what I use on them.  Episencial has a Soothing Cream that is made for eczema and other irritated areas and it totally helped Violet’s chin and the areas on Miles cheeks that hurt him.  In fact, Violet’s redness is almost gone!  The diaper ointment, called Nurturing Balm, has olive oil, shea butter and aloe vera along with the necessary zinc oxide to help rash while soothing the skin.  Miles seems to like this cream better than the other we have and says it does not hurt.  I am so glad!  And it’s not just for diapers…for ages 0 to 150 years – this is made to help any irritation or rash on any part of the body – yours or your kids.  The Playful Foaming Wash and Sweet Dreams Bubble Bathhave a light, clean scent coming from the natural fruit extratcts in them and I really like them.  Usually Miles and Violet cannot have any bubbles in their bath but they are not bothered at all by these and I love that both have oat extracts, which help to calm skin.  Believe me – the kids much prefer this to full oat baths, which I have used in the past.  Finally, Episencial has a Sunny Sunscreen (SPF35) and Protective Face Balm (SPF6) that are great for protecting your child’s face and body from the sun (yes, even in winter!) and from dry, chapped areas. 

Everyone who got a goodie bag has loved the products and I am sure you will too!  You can find Episencial products online or at your local target and many other specialty stores.

Episencial is partnering with, Revolution Foods, CleanWell and Eco-Kids to give $30,000 in Green Goods and Cash tp pre-schools!  Check out the Green Your School Grant page for information on this awesome program.  There will be winners chosen every month through May 2011!

Show this awesome company started by a mom, Kim Wells, with more than decade of experience in skincare, your love by following Episencial on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

So you KnowI was matched up with Mommy Parties via Check out MomSelect if you are interested in Mommy Parties!  I agreed to host a Mommy Party and share the Episencial products with other mom’s of young children.  All of these opinions are my very own, as always.

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