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By March 15, 2010At Home

My Little Man in his Big Bed

I finished building Miles his big boy bed the night before Violet was born, 8 weeks ago tonight.  He did not sleep in it right away.  We sang songs  in his bed.  We told stories.  We read books.  Sophia and Miles laid on the bed and talked.  They had picnics.  It was more like a fort than a bed.  Miles tried sleeping in his bed once after we came home from the hospital.  That night, he came into our room at 3 a.m. and asked for his crib.  With a days old Violet in my arms, we decided he could sleep in his pack ‘n’ play for awhile – just until he was ready – and we had a little more sleep!

Every day, we would talk about his bed and he would say he loved it.  Then he would put his puppy or his Dora in it to sleep and ask for his crib.  We spent more and more time playing in his bed and Sophia must have spent hours telling him cool big boy beds were.  I told him that I built the bed just for him.  He gave me a hug and said thank you, but he never slept in it.

Then, over the weekend, he laid down on his bed after reading books with his lovey and said goodnight.  I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his bed and he said yes.  And he meant it. 

Violet woke up 3 times that night.  Sophia woke up 2 times and ended up in my bed.  Miles did not wake up until breakfast.  He slept like a baby, my big boy, for the whole night.  I was so proud.  So was he.  He ran into our room in morning to tell us and we could see how happy he was.  It was a prefect family moment.  Sophia told him he was almost a man.  Ha!  Another milestone!

And now we return to our previously scheduled program – POTTY TRAINING!

If you are interested, here is a picture of  the very safe and easy to get into bed I built for Miles and here is the post on how you can build one too!  It’s cheap and easy and so chic!  And you can build it in any size!

Miles' Big Boy Bed

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