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We are huge fans of building things and trains.  In particular, Miles has a close relationship with Thomas and his friends.  I was so excited to host a party for Mega Bloks and their new Thomas the Train sets but have yet to have all those boys over due to massive amounts of strep throat and some stomach virus floating around Charlotte.  I will find a time when our home is not covered in germs but in the meantime, I wanted to tell you how much we love this building block set before the holidays.

We have had a lot of sick days over the past month, and the Thomas Mega Bloks set is getting good use to say the least.  Miles is 3 and requests to build the set all the time.  We take out this set and play for awhile and if we have a lot of time to play we dump all of our large size blocks and build enormous towers around the trains.  These blocks work with other bloks like Lego Duplos so you will not have a bunch of mis-matched block sets.  All of the pieces, including the trains, are buildable.  We love taking it all apart and putting it back together again.  Also, in our world, trains can fly and often act as Godzilla rather than your friendly neighborhood engine.  We are playing with the Day at the Diesel-works set and it includes 2 trains, thank goodness.  We have no trouble throwing our other Thomas trains in there, but these work perfectly with the tracks.

Mega Bloks Percy
One thing I really like about these sets is that directions are simple. And not just for me. With just a TINY bit of help from yours truly, Miles built this himself and now he basically has memorized the few different setup options. He is proud of himself and I am so happy. These are the most straight forward instructions I have seen from these types of sets.  It shows you exactly what pieces you need on each step and then shows the picture as well as highlights any smaller areas.  The directions also highlight the blocks you need to build on so the kids can learn to put them in the right place and have a little more direction that just a picture.  Miles looks at them, gathers his pieces and slowly copies the directions.  I love it and so does he.

Mega Bloks Directions
The Mega Bloks are targeted at kids 3-6 years old. I have found that kids as young as 2 love the large blocks and kids as old as 8 have fun playing, especially with a younger sibling or friend.  Miles has a 7 year old friend that has a great time with this set.  Our 5 year old Sophia really likes putting it together even though she is not a train fan.  Our littlest, Violet, is not yet 2 and she adores choo choo trains.  She loves these blocks and walks around for hours with the trains and her baby in her shopping cart.  I would say with parental supervision that kids younger than 3 will still like these trains and have fun learning how to put blocks together.  There are some semi small pieces, so if you are playing with younger children, make sure to put all the pieces totally away and supervise play.

Violet Building

The kids play with this together and love the working doors and crane so much. They also like that they can rebuild it several different ways. I am a huge fan of anything that helps my kids learn and encourages them to work and play together. Sophia teaches Miles the directions. Miles teaches Violet how to not break the set. Mommy watches proudly.

Happy Sharing

You can check out all the Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends sets on the Mega Bloks site.  These would make a great gift for the holidays!  I am going to add a smaller train to each of their stockings this year!

I still can’t wait to have my party because Mega Bloks provided the cutest mini sets for all of our guests.  I am sure that all the little kids will be ecstatic to go home with these trains.

Disclosure: I was provided this set by Mega Bloks as a part of the MommyParties program and BSM Media.  All opinions are my own.

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