Make a Child’s Wish Come True

By April 26, 2013Helping Others

My friend Michelle is a Wish Kid.  She was 14 when she was granted her wish.  After 3.5 years of chemotherapy and everything that comes with that for her and for her family, Make-A-Wish® came to her door and granted the wish to take her whole family to Maui.  She wanted to do something special with her parents and 4 siblings who had given so much to help her.  I talked to Michelle last night and that wish changed her life.  It gave her something wonderful to remember from those years.  When they look back at her illness, of course they remember…but they can focus on Hawaii and family and joy.  Granting wishes to kids gives them so much more than a trip!

Now, Michelle has 2 lovely little boys and they have a very strong mama.  Kids with life threatening illnesses grow up fast because they have to and they are mighty people. Their stories and their lives can and do change the world.

There is nothing so wonderful as granting a wish.

Within a wish is a part of a heart.  If someone shares their real wish, you are seeing a part of them. There is hope and happiness in wishes.  There is beauty.  In a wish granted there is magic, no matter how simple.

I am not the Fairy Godmother, but I know my way around wishes.

Some wishes are small and easy to grant.

Some wishes are big and possible, but they are beyond what I can do on my own.

Some wishes are huge and out of our control.  As a parent, if I had a child with a life threatening illness, my greatest wish in the entire world would be for my baby…my child, to be healthy.  I would do anything and everything in my power. But I couldn’t make that happen.

So, as a parent, I would ask them if they could do anything in the world, what would it be?  Then, I would move mountains to grant that wish, to give them that magic, to see them live in a whole new way.

Make a Wish is the Fairy Godmother for kids with life threatening conditions.  They help parents bring the biggest dreams to life.  It turns out none of us can wave a wand…and most wishes cost money and involve travel.  Like you and me, kids dream big.  They want to see things.  They want to experience the world. You can help them get their wish!

It is up to us to help make wishes come true.  We can donate money and even more awesome for making trips come true, we can donate our airline miles.  Nearly 3/4 of wishes involve airline travel.  It is by far the largest cost associated with granting wishes.  We can help.  We should help.  It is so easy to help.  Please consider being part of the making a child’s wish come true!

Make-A-Wish is encouraging people with airline miles to consider donating some to Make-A-Wish and allow more kids to take flight.

Wishes can be for anything and it is amazing to see them come true!

World Wish Day

And for the rest of April, celebrities and corporations are joining this effort to match your donations. WWE superstar John Cena will personally match every mile donated through April. United Airlines is matching the donations of its Mileage Plus members up to 3 million miles.

Granting wishes together.  What could be more awesome!

This year, 10,000 wish kids and their families will travel for a Make-A-Wish® experience. That’s 50,000 roundtrip tickets or 2.5 billion frequent flier miles. In honor of World Wish Day®, the day of the wish that inspired the founding of Make-A-Wish, visit and donate miles and dollars – and help wish kids take flight.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Make-A-Wish®. The opinions and text are all mine.