Lift Your Voice, Show Love & Love Yourself

By December 12, 2011Helping Others

This holiday season, let us welcome love.

Love is the greatest gift and one we can give ourselves and others. For free.

Let go of self-doubt. You are amazing and the little things you worry about don’t change how awesome you are. None of us is perfect. That’s what makes us all so wonderfully different and unique. Embrace yourself and your world will change.

Let go of grievances. There is no place like home for the holidays, and home is where your heart is. Whether gathered in a room or on the phone, forget about anger or disappointment. The people in our lives are precious and if we give a little and let some things go, home can be the happiest of places. Welcome friends and family home. You won’t regret it.  Why?  Because they love you.

Let your love be a home.  For your family.  For your friends.  For people you meet.  For strangers.  Rock your best self and extend that awesomeness to others.  Especially now, when so many people don;t have a family to be with for the holidays, or a meal to feed their family, or a friendly face to greet them.  Simple actions of love can bring a smile and a feeling of warmth.  You can give this.

Let your voice be heard.  Spread love and kindness.  Tell yourself you are wonderful.  Tell others they are too. Love spreads like wildfire. Make a spark this holiday season.

This little video made me smile.  Made me think of home and what it means.  Made me see again how gorgeous all women are.  Of course, I love me some beautiful voices helping to spread the message.  Check out all these fabulous ladies and their awesome flash mob Home for the Holidays.  It may just start a smile that spreads from ear to ear.  It did for me.

Thank to T-Mobile for helping to spread the smiles, the joy and the love.

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