Life Happens, and it Can be Frustrating

By September 29, 2012Campaigns

Minivan Eats People

Sometimes things don’t go your way. That’s life, our mothers may have told us. We may tell our kids the same thing. I am aware that life isn’t always fair and I am acutely aware of Murphy’s Law. It is all kinds of real.

These days my minivan should be called Murphy. Don’t get me wrong, I love that minivan, but every day she makes me want to pull my hair out.

It all started about a year ago. The door that my kids get in and out of got stuck. I pulled the lever and heard and awful noise. The door jerked and returned to it’s position. I tried again to close the door. We were already late for school. Again, the door jerked to the side and went back. There was a grinding sound. Finally, on the third try, the door closed.

From that moment on, every time I try to close the door, I go through a ridiculous routine where I gently pull the handle at first and then I sort of push in a little and finally I pull it all the way and about half of the time it works. This is an improvement. At first, and I can admit this, it was so ornery it made me cry once.

Of course, I took it to Honda and when Jeremy the technician closed the door it slid as smooth as butter. No horrible noise, no grinding, no jerking motion. I was incredulous. He said this happens all the time. He said, “Murphy’s Law: whatever is broken will work when you get to the dealership.” I tried to laugh.

Things have gotten worse. Now the door sometimes just starts to close while kids are getting in and the sensor seems broken. Of course, I thought this would certainly show at the dealership. Nope. Nothing. Smooth again. I said it was going to crush my kids. They did a diagnostic. They opened and closed the door at least a dozen times. They asked me to do it. It worked perfectly. My minivan was mocking me.

At school the teachers jump back at carpool when they hear the sound. The ones who know my car don’t even try anymore. It’s not worth it. The door is possessed.

I have been back to the service center again and again and now they feel bad for me. They just can’t find anything wrong. I need to call Ghostbusters.

So now, I tell kids to get in before the door eats them and they totally believe me. It’s not exactly lemonade from lemons, but if you have ever tried to wrangle 3 kids and their friends in a car you know that the fear of being consumed by the door can help. Pulling at straws here, but it is something.

In the grand scheme of things, my dastardly door makes me want to scream, but it is not the end of the world. Again, I remember my Mom telling me “you will live” many times growing up. Put another way, she often asked us “Is this life or death?”. Um, no, very rarely was it life or death.

We deal with these little things and they can take a lot of time. Are we prepared for the big things that could happen?

While I was pregnant with Sophia, my husband purchased life insurance. We met with someone and discussed our options. There is a lot to learn. Then, when Miles was born, I purchased life insurance so that if I was not here to help raise the kids, Ross would be able to hire help and also not worry about money for school or activities or vacations. It isn’t fun to buy insurance, but it is really important. In the moments after we lose someone, the last thing we want to worry about is money, and it is usually at the top of the list.

Life happens. That’s why there is life insurance.

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Life Happens. And while you can’t control the future, you can take steps to protect the good things in life. Take a look around The LIFE Foundation website and learn more about how life insurance can help safeguard a secure financial future for those you love.

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