Letting Go, Yet Holding Tight

Sophia YMCA Swim Band

Sophia my love,

5 years ago you were swimming in my body, just 20 days from being in my arms.

4 years ago you clung to our necks as we swirled you around in the pool and splashed in the ocean.

3 years ago you leapt off the side of the pool, your laugh filling the air, as you flew into our arms.

2 years ago you held on tight to our necks as we pulled you through the water.  We held you as you learned to kick and stroke.  You wanted to swim.

1 year ago you were proud of your skill with a floatie.  Without one, you began to swim.  From a short distance, you would swim into our arms, into safety.

We told you we would never let anything happen to you.  We told you that you could swim.  We made sure you knew you were strong enough.  Still, you wanted to swim to us and always back to where we were.  That was okay by us.

This summer you learned to swim away.  You cautiously let go of our necks, let go of the concrete walls, and embraced your new ability.  You worked hard, you had a goal.  If you could learn to swim across the pool without any help from anyone, you would earn your yellow band from the YMCA.  With that yellow band, you could go down the water slides.  By yourself.  Into water deeper than you are tall.

It took all summer, but you earned that band.  We are so proud of you.  It took strength and bravery and a new independence to finish that test.  And you did it.  You are amazing.

We just want you to know, as you swim away from us more and more each day, that we are  here for you.  No matter what, please know that we miss holding you tight and you are always welcome in our arms.  Even if you are getting all grown up…

Sophia Confident

We love you baby.

Mom and Dad

* I am linking up to the awesome Liz and Kristin for iPhone Photo Phun.  The first pic was taken with my husband’s blackberry and the second with some awesome camera app for my iPhone where pictures look almost as good as with my big girl camera.

iPhone Photo Phun

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