Let Your Light Shine On – Hanukkah 2010

By December 1, 2010My Life

We talked about how you don’t need to be big to be powerful tonight. 

I told the Hanukkah story.  Just in case…In 168 BCE Antiochus and the Syrian Greek forces outlawed Judaism, sacked the Temple in Jerusalem and built an alter to Zeus inside its walls.  It took more than 2 years, but a group of Jews known as the Maccabees finally succeeded in taking back their scared place.  Hanukkah means dedication.  We remember the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem in 165 BCE after its destruction by the Syrian-Greeks.  When the Jews found only 1 day’s worth of oil in the temple, they lit their menorah, determined to begin purification of the temple despite knowing that they would need 8 days worth of oil for the candles to remain lit.  This is the miracle of Hanukkah. That one day of oil lasted for all 8 days and the temple was re-dedicated.

During Hanukkah, we remember and celebrate.

After the back-story we said the 3 blessings (as best we could given I’m not Jewish and no Hebrew expert and Ross in in London) and I gave my 4 year old fire.  Good fun people.  Sophia has been waiting to light the candles, and it did not disappoint.  It’s Miles’ turn tomorrow.   I’m not going to lie – I’m nervous.

All kidding aside,

We light the candles to remember.  We light the candles to remind us of our history and of the strength that comes when you believe in your mission and when it is good.

Most of all, we talked about light and being a light in the world.  We talked about how to be a light…with kindness and an open heart.  We talked abour how little people like them could make great big lights.  They are young but they are not without knowledge of good.  They understood.

Hanukkah may not be the most important Jewish holiday, but that does not mean it lacks meaning or beauty.  I am not Jewish, but my heart swelled as we talked about light and strength and of course, went through a million times how that temple is not the same as our temple.  They are 4 and 2 people….we do a lot of explaining. 

From My Family to Yours,

Happy Hanukkah!  May your life be filled with light!

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