Ladies, Yours are No Longer Called Nipples

By November 9, 2012Parenting

Newsflash! I kid you not. I have heard it from Miles, who is absolutely certain, that those things on your chest in the middle of your boobs are not called nipples. They have a better name, a more fun name, and one that should be said with a bit of laughter and a definite sing song voice.

Don’t be the last one calling these things nipples. While I told Miles that the world, in fact, does have the same name for this particular body part shared by boys and girls, men and women, I am changing my mind. This is better, more fun…and he is right…they are different. These babies feed babies! They look different. He thinks they are cool and dammit he is right.

So, I give you Miles and his big announcement. We now have Snipples. Spread the word. You wouldn’t want to be the last one calling them just nipples now would you?

So, what do your kids call body parts?  I bet there are some good ones out there!

Try it out.  Say it in a crowd.  Snipples ladies!

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