Keen on Pairs

By April 13, 2011My Life

Violet has a way of tearing off her left shoe and tossing it overboard.  Over the edge of the wagon, over the side of the stroller, and out the car door as I buckle her siblings.  I thought I would not have to buy any shoes for Violet with all the shoes Sophia had to pass down.  Sophia was my first.  She had a lot of shoes.  I was wrong.

As a mother, I am keenly aware of her little shoes as they fly from her little hands.  As a woman who likes shoes, I will admit it may be that I am just very aware of shoes in general.  Her dad, well, not so much.   He loves taking her for walks and over the past few weeks she tossed the left shoe from all 3 of her pairs.  He did not notice.  I mock him for his inability to keep track of her shoes.

So I bought her a pair of Keens.  A purple pair of Keens.  They are so flipping cute.  I am determined to keep the pair united.  I would not live it down if I lost a brand new shoe just days after I bought them.

This morning she freed one of her Keens as we were leaving the hotel.  I scooped it off the ground and put it on top of the car while I finished buckling kids and getting DVD players set up.  My brain is a bit fried from this road trip and I forgot the shoe.  I pulled out and as I exited onto the highway…I remembered.  I knew that shoe was on the highway somewhere.  The next exit was 5 miles away.  I decided I would make my way back and find that shoe.

And I did.  On the highway exit ramp.

Lost Shoe

I saw it on the opposite side of the road.  I told you, I have an eye for these things.  So I turned around and threw my hazards on and made a little dash for the shoe.  I got it.  And I got a pic. 

Because I need to prove to my husband what I expect when it comes to shoes.  Absolute devotion.

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