I’ve Been Blog Blocked but Changes are Coming!

By November 28, 2010Blogging

I designed this blog myself, using the Thesis theme, which I absolutely adore and would highly recommend to one and all. You can basically do anything in Thesis – you just have to figure out how to do it.  I have spent countless hours in design and code forums and even more time knee deep in actual code.  I want my blog to look a certain way and I am determined to do it myself.  I have always been successful, even if it took weeks to figure something out.  While I like how my blog looks, I have a grand plan for something different in my head.

Well, I’ve had some big plans in the works for awhile now and I was getting ready to have a big reveal party over here when I activated a huge number of changes tonight and broke my blog.  Over and over again my code failed.  My blog disappeared.   I thought it was an easy mistake and that I would find it in minutes, but I was wrong.  I can’t find answers anywhere tonight and so my new look must wait.

I hope I am not over my head after countless hours of work.  I hope it is a simple fix that I am simply missing due to my frustration and exhaustion.  Remember, I am running on very little sleep these days.

So my self-taught skills have reached their limit and I have Blog Blocked myself in a corner.  My stubborn temperament refuses to pay for help.  It’s a good thing another one of my qualities is sticktoitiveness  because I am bound and determined to figure this all out.

And when I do, I will post a tutorial on all that I have learned in case you like any of my design elements and want to use them on your blog.  Sheesh that’s another quality…I am generous with blog help.  Always feel free to ask me questions!  I will do my best to help and I’m usually pretty good at it!

So I will sleep, dreaming of my new blog and hoping the answers come to me quickly.  You know, so I can prepare for Hanukkah and Christmas and feed my children and all that.

Do you make your own changes to your blog or find a designer to help with graphics or web design?  Do you have a specific vision for your blog that you chip away at week after week too?  Or do you just love it the way it is and you are happy enough to just leave it alone.  That would be nice.

Wish me luck!

p.s. I did not mean to toot my own horn.  I am really nice and all but I have a ton of really bad qualities.  Read long enough and you’ll see.

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  • I’m sorry you broke your blog! I was so afraid that I’d do that–I hired a designer. She was worth every penny! Hope things get cleared up soon.

  • If I didn’t have hubby I wouldn’t know what to do, thankfully he’s wonderful. Although with my current redesign I have hired a designer for my logo and bloggy button. We’re still working out the back end but I love how it’s coming together. In regards to the way things look I am always up for change, hair, clothing, my MommyB Knows Best blog.

    Anyway, hope you get the back end figured out, but hey at least you still have this template, it could be worse right??
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  • I don’t have the patience to learn the things I envision in my mind for my blog, so I always ask and pay for help. That way I learn and don’t break it, like I have done many times. I have some names of awesome people if you need them!

  • Loukia says:

    I love the look of your blog and how clean it looks! I had someone do mine for me and I want a totally change now, too, I want to get rid of the cartoon me and maybe tone it down with the pink… I am also thinking of making the move to WordPress… but have no idea how or who shoudl do it for me! Good Luck with what you want to do to!

  • Carrie says:

    I fiddled and played around with my Blogger blog and ended up with an okay look considering my meager skills. When I started a new one at WordPress I hated the “clean clean” look at first that most of the templates gave me but it is growing on me. I would love to learn how to do more BUT since I am on WordPress.com I am trapped with limited options. Perhaps someday I will be able to justify a move to WordPress.org where the possibilities are endless.

    For now, I would love to do my own header. I have ideas but limited ability in photoshop 🙂
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  • Zandi says:


  • I’m always breaking my blog! I was trying to add cute little social media buttons, but I had NO IDEA how to get them in a little row & then I messed with the sidebar width. We need to get together & I’ll pay you to give me some Thesis advice!! 🙂
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  • I’m impressed! I just started blogging a few weeks ago and I thought wordpress.com took some getting used to. I for sure love the thesis theme (many blogs I envy use it) but I’m too scared to try it. I think I’ll get used to the .com free version before I venture into scary domain. The blog looks great by the way! (I assume this is the new version).

    Nina 🙂
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