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By December 16, 2010Helping Others

There are days when I wonder how I can do more for others.  I often wonder, other than buying a raffle ticket, if I only have $5 or $10 to give, how can it be easy and go to a place of my choosing?  I have often thought of all the programs that reward me for spending and wished I could give that reward to others.  Well, there is a really cool new site called GiveBack that allows you to set up your own foundation made up of the charities YOU choose and fund it through donations from you and/or a % of your purchases at more than 400 retailers offering up to 15% of your purchases to give.  There are also special, limited time promotions from companies offering 30% back!  I found tons of sites that I love in there and made a purchase at Boden.  I am so excited to see the giving add up!

My favorite thing about this site is that you can search for your charity in the database and add them to your foundation.  To try this out I searched for The Summit House, a local shelter for women that enables them to remain with their children instead of serving sentences for non-violent crimes.  I was not sure it would come up given its size and very local benefit.  Well, it did!  I was able to add it to my foundation with the click of my mouse and now will be able to fund their needs whenever I have a balance in my account.  I was able to add multiple charities to follow in my foundation.  I really like this.  It will be a reminder to me.

GiveBack is also saying that in the near future you will be able to start your own local campaign and fund it or start a fundraising effort for it.  This will be an incredible resource and allow for everyone to give where they feel their hearts lead them.

When you add a foundation you can share it on facebook or tweet it and ask your friends to join.  With my love of all things social media, this is perfect!

Finally, get this.  You will love it.   GiveBack manages all of your giving receipts with tax information and sends you one receipt at tax time.  Compared to keeping all those emails and tiny pieces of paper this is a life saver.  I love to give small amounts to a lot of charities that move me and this makes that so easy!

100% of your donations go to the charities and the site’s costs are covered by sponsors.

So what are you waiting for? Check out GiveBack today!

Here’ s a little video telling you a little about this great site.

Disclosure:  I found out about this amazing site through the One2One Network where they connect women with the brands they love and help to spread awareness.  This post is part of a member project where one might win a Blissdom prize.  Let is be known that I would have posted on GiveBack anyway.  I love it.  No prize needed. 

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