It Seems I’m Wearing My Wonder Woman Undies

By January 7, 2011My Life

I woke up this morning with a pair of undies in my face, clutched in the hands of my 2 year old son Miles.

Wonder Woman Undies

Miles: Mommy, can you put your costume on?

Me:  What costume sweetie?  Those are my undies.  Did you tear out the whole laundry basket?

Miles: No, your costume was on top. It’s Superman one.

Daddy:  Miles is that Mommy’s Wonder Woman costume?

Miles:  Yes, it’s Wunner Wummin.  Will you wear it?

Me:  Sure honey, as long as they are clean.  But you know, Wonder Woman has stars on her undies, not stripes.  No, I will not wear dirty underwear for my son and yes, he totally could have gotten them from the dirty hamper.

Miles:  They are Wunner Wummin Mommy.  I know. From the bakket.  He still has trouble saying some words.  I also have trouble spelling, but this time I know that is not how you spell basket.

I think Miles knows the difference between stars and stripes but hey – they are both patriotic and he was so sure that I should have my skivvies scream superhero  so who am I to burst his bubble?

I brushed my teeth as he stood by with my undies in hand, waiting for me to put them on.

When I put on the navy striped Wonder Woman panties, he cheered.  Loudly.  And for a while.

I think this is the only time I have ever had a male actually cheer for my undies.  And I rarely even get a whistle from the hubs for the cotton variety.  Miles, however was ecstatic.

Miles:  Mommy you are Wunner Wummin under your pants!  You are Wunner Wummin! Yay!

Isn’t that the truth?  I am Wunner Woman and so are you and I’m damn happy that someone noticed today!

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