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By June 9, 2011Tech

I get a lot of paper in the mail and statements in my inbox.  Bills, accounts, magazines, and rewards information flood me with things to do and remember.  When I got married I added all my husband’s stuff and then when he started working for a smaller company I added part-time admin to my resume.  I do his paper stuff.  Then I began blogging and added 2 email addresses, new subscriptions and a business account.  The paper piles grew.  I am on of those people who can tackle huge projects with confidence but I am easily overwhelmed by this busywork.  I need a second brain and a third hand to organize the administrative part of my life.  I am the Chief Household Officer and I need some free help.

I want to focus on my bathroom redesign and not the stack of papers behind it.  I present to you my current pile and 1/4 of my current file cabinet.  Ugh.

My Messy Piles

Enter Manilla.

Manilla is a digital bill center and personal account management program.  It stores all of your account information including bills and statements and reminds me when to pay a bill or renew a subscription.  It even keeps track of my rewards points.  No more filing or clutter!  If you are tired of forgetting to remember or tired of that huge stack of paper, then Manilla is for you.  It’s also quite green to reduce paper use, so I suppose this is also an awesome online tree hugger.  The more trees for cleaner air, climbing, shade and animal habitats, the better.

Win $1000.

You still need the money to actually pay your bills, but now when you sign up for Manilla and add at least one account, just come back here and tell me and you could win $1000 in June to pay those darn bills.  More green on those trees and more green in your pocket.  Awesome!

Manilla Logo

Get Organized.

It is so simple.  You simply create an account with a user name and password.  You will be asked a few more security questions to ensure your data is safe and only you can log in.  Then the program will walk you through the simple process of adding one or more accounts.  Within minutes I had added multiple bank accounts, cable bills, my cell phone bill, magazine subscriptions and reward programs.  I also love that I can allow my husband to login so he can start pulling his own statements for reimbursement.  I added all of our accounts, joint and individual, to the site so it is really a family Manilla account.  Huzzah!  I really like that you could also add your child’s account to monitor activity.

Here’s how it looks when you login.

Manilla DashboardI like to click on accounts at the top to get a full picture.  I guess I like to see that everything is there even though my pile is gone.  I like to click through to what is due from here but you can also simple click on Mail or Reminders to go directly to accounts that need attention.

Manilla Accounts PanelWhen you click into an actual account you will be able to modify when and if and how often you want reminders of bills as well as see your previous payments and statements.

Manilla Account DetailI really like the ease and simplicity of Manilla.  It handles almost all of my household paper maintenance needs.  The only thing I would love to see in the future is organization of healthcare paper.  Manilla is brand new so I hope that some of those insurance company and pediatric bills and statements might come.  Overall this is a great new resource for us Chief Household Officers and I would highly recommend you try it out!

Get organized and be entered to win $1,000 cash to pay your bills!

How to Enter for $1000:

1.  Sign up with Manilla

2.  Link one or more household, financial, subscription or rewards account within Manilla

3.  Come back and leave a comment telling me you signed up and how Manilla can save you time!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Manilla. The opinions and text and huge pile of papers are all mine.  Contest runs June 7-30, 2011.  Winner must be signed up with Manilla with at least one account linked to win. A random winner will be selected by July 1, 2011.  Official Contest Rules

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  • Bryna says:

    I TOTALLY have to show this to my husband! I so dislike the pile of papers on my kitchen countertop… This would be quite lovely!!! AND the “filing” of paid bills would be gone too? I think I’m in love!