Inspiration from a Hot Air Balloon

By October 25, 2010My Life

Ross took Sophia and Miles to the Carolina BallooonFest this weekend to watch the launch of 50 hot air balloons simultaneously.  There were also dozens of bounce houses and a huge kids zone.  Let’s just say they were blown away.    In many ways, even from home, so was I.  

Ross sent me photos of the kids enjoying the gorgeous day and the incredible balloons and I felt inspired. 

I was stuck at home, continuing to organize three rooms of things to be put away when this renovation is complete.  It’s this week people.  I can’t wait.  But the mess and the chaos has been weighing on me.  I have been feeling rather uninspired.

Remembering my hot air balloon ride and seeing my kids revel in the colorful splendor of these massive balloons lifted a weight from my shoulders.

I took a hot air balloon ride with Ross over Napa Vally before we had kids and it was a magical and incredible experience.  It was silent and dark when we arrived to prepare for our upward journey.   I did not know what to expect, but my heart raced with anticipation.  As we stood in the balloon I could not wait for the moment when we would climb into the basket and ascend.

I was fascinated watching the hot fire in the cold morning air as it’s heat filled the colorful fabric.

When we released the ropes and rose into the air I was struck by the silence in the air.  I was giddy with the weightless feeling.  I found romance in the bright balloon trip above the vineyards.  The experience was incredible and the view from the basket was stunning.  We swore we would do it again.

I have not thought about that hot air balloon trip in years.  We have not made another ascension yet.  Things get a little crazy when you have 3 kids in just over 3 years.  Sometimes we forget the things we love.

As I opened each picture of the kids at the festival in my blackberry the crazy feeling left me and the I could sense again the feeling of calm I had in that balloon.  I imagined the excitement they were feeling just seeing so many balloons and I took some of that feeling for myself.  I let the weight of my days lift and I looked at my life with a new energy.

Sometimes I am reminded to take a breath and enjoy my life.  It doesn’t need to be complex.  Joy is easy.  I just have to take a moment to see that it is everywhere.

Hot air balloons are a perfect reminder for me.  With something so simple as heat from a fire, they are able to fly.  With something as easy as a kaleidoscope of color, they provide beauty.  With just a few hundred yards in the air, I was able to refocus so many years ago and appreciate all of the wonderful things I have in my life.   Thinking about them now brings me back to that place.

That place of simple joys is a place I would like to call home.

My kids were inspired.  And they inspired me to open my arms and embrace my life.

What inspires you?  I would love to hear how we can all remember something that brings us back to a place of calm and happiness and…inspiration!

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