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By October 29, 2012Campaigns

It’s not difficult to bring me to tears or make me break out in laughter or even to give you a hug.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  That doesn’t diminish the importance of my tears, or my laughter or my embrace.  Don’t ever think that.  I am happy to be moved to tears every day of my life if everyday I see things that move me.

People, Projects, Companies….coming together to make change.  It is impressive what we can do.

This month as a member of the eBay Parent Panel I was asked to write about my favorite eBay memory and introduce the eBay Thanks You program.

eBay Thanks You

Well, I love finding a good deal.  I adore scoring the no longer sold Playmobil Snow White Fairytale set and presenting it to my shocked daughter.  I love getting $20 bucks for a pair of shoes that might fetch $3 at a yard sale.  Doesn’t everyone love that?

Those are not my favorite memories though.  One memory is specific and one is an overall feeling that eBay is made of good people who care about people and our planet.

First, I met Tristen O’Brien on the phone with our other ambassadors and I heard how eBay saved his home and his life after he lost his job.  When I met him in person, I knew that eBay provides a powerful tool for getting back on your feet.  It is hard work and work that pays off and heck, it can pay the bills.  So many people could benefit from this.  It changed the way I look at opportunity.  I tell people about eBay now as a way to make the money that you need.  A way to supplement.  A way to survive.  I know it can work because I met Tristen and I read his book and I know that there are others.  eBay can be an incredible opportunity to make a financial change in your life.

Second, as I was learning about eBay, I remember being absolutely, completely blown away by eBay Giving Works.  From celebrity auctions to individuals donating a portion of their sale to charity, the program has raised an incredible $274 million dollars!  I sat watching the videos of people so thankful for this tool for a long time.  I also tell people about this tool all the time as they mention fundraising and wonder how they can empower their community to raise money.  Just today, I was doing this again, watching some of the amazing stories.  I found this video and I wanted to share it with you.

In 10 days, on eBay, auctioning off Nike shoes, the Michael J. Fox Foundation raised $4.7 million dollars for Parkinson’s.  They were shocked and in awe.  They reached more people than they ever thought possible.  It was the largest eBay charity auction in history.  It will change lives.

So you see, my eBay love is not just about buying and selling.  It is about what that buying and selling can mean for families and for the world.  Our dollars can do good.  That makes me very, very happy.  I hope you will take a moment to consider eBay if you are struggling or wanting to pay down debt.  I hope that you will consider shopping on eBay and looking for items that give back.  You can search from the Giving Works page or look for items with a little blue and yellow ribbon in the listing.  I hope you will consider selling on ebay because I can tell you, you will make a heck of a lot more than at a yard sale. I hope if you just want to have a good time shopping and scoring a deal or finding that out of print book or discontinued item, you will think of eBay.  It’s all there on one of the simplest and most sophisticated auction sites in the world.

So, eBay is saying Thank You and through November 6th there are great prizes and daily deals.  Check out the Thank You page for details.  I am saying thank you to eBay.  I love buying, selling and most importantly, giving back.

Disclosure: I am compensated for my role on the eBay Parent Panel.  All opinions are my own.

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