In Which my Samsung Galaxy 3 may Replace my iPhone

By August 26, 2012Tech

Yes, I got an iPhone a little over a year ago because I am crazy about taking pictures of my life and my kids and cool things I see and I felt like I was dying (total first world death) from the lack of Hipstamatic and Instagram.  I saw it everywhere and drooled.  I finally got an iPhone…not when Verizon first came out with them, but when my Blackberry finally died and my upgrade was available and I convinced my husband of my great need.  Saying goodbye to my Blackberry was harder than you might  think.  I could type like the wind on that thing and still can.  I get to try because I type emails for Ross when he drives.  Yes, my husband still has one of those ancient devices with real keys.  Lots of bankers do.  Because you can type really fast and you have no time for gorgeous photos and spending time playing with really cool apps.  Fun times for those bankers and lawyers and business types.

Anyhoo, I had all this love for that iPhone and then, when Pinterest came out and I had the freaking phone that got the best apps first, I was all kinds of happy.  This time I was totally in the game at the beginning and loving it.

But. There were always things I didn’t like.

Things I do not love about the iPhone

First…the iPhone, at least when I got it, was not available with Verizon’s ridiculously fast 4G network.  So it is 3G and sometimes it is slow and doesn’t load.

Second, while I love iTunes I hate buying music with it and not being able to get it on any other device.  It just irks me.

Third, the thing is kind of heavy and VERY easily breakable.  How many people are always in the Apple store with a cracked screen.  It happens all the time.  And the edges are a little, shall we say, sharp?

Fourth, I really didn’t wan’t to jailbreak my iPhone but why the heck can’t it be a hot spot?  And why can’t I load certain things?  I seriously considered the jail break.  I just didn’t know what happens if one gets caught.

Finally, watching YouTube or any video on the iPhone sucks.  It buffers forever.  Then it doesn’t play at all.  I wan’t to watch your vlogs, yo!

Light from the Samsung Galaxy

Then one day I got an email asking me if I would like to try out a new mystery phone from Verizon and participate in their Ambassador program.  Those who know me know that I would have to beg for a million years to buy a new phone when I don’t need one so my answer was a very quick freaking YES!  I wanted a second phone for work because my life has become confusing.  At least my iPhone seemed confused.  I could not wait and when I opened the box and saw the smooth white box and then I saw the Galaxy, I was a bit giddy.  Remember, this doesn’t happen to this girl!

Here is what she looks like.  Really?  Gorgeous.  A bit bigger than the iPhone but feels much lighter.  The Samsung is about an inch taller than the iPhone but only a tidge wider.  It is 133 grams, which is only slightly lighter than the iPhone, but I think it feels like a feather in comparison.  Maybe it is because of the smooth edges that are to hold.  Maybe it is because it is not as deep as the iPhone.  Here’s the gorgeous kicker though – the screen size on the Samsung is 4.8 inches versus the iPhone’s 3.5 inches.  Literally, the whole iPhone fits in the screen of the Samsung.  It’s a whole new world baby!

Samsung Galaxy S III

Where the Samsung Galaxy III Kicks iPhone Tushy

I think it is prettier.  And this is a valid point.  You know it is.  Even if my husband thinks it is B.S.  He is just trying to defend his Blackberry.  And I peronally like having 3 buttons on the bottom to navigate menus.  Yes, there invisible touch buttons on either side of the home button.

This baby runs on 4G and is literally lightning fast!  I have been a Verizon customer for a decade and finally I see why people love the 4G network.  It really does download super fast.  Holy crap I can actually watch videos and oh my goodness they play all the way through!

This has WiFi seating for 10!  Yes, you heard me.  You want to sit at my table at that conference where the hotel WiFi is on the fritz and everyone has iPhones and no one can hook you up.  I can baby.  The Samsung Galaxy III is a WiFi hotspot for 10 devices.  We regularly use this in the car to download movies, blog on my laptop or just play around, power the iPad WiFi if someone is using it AND even give WiFi to the iPhone if it is struggling on it’s measly 3G speed.  I can’t say enough about how awesome this is.

I already told you it feels light and I like it.

No, I don’t love everything about it and the camera, while 8 mp like the iPhone, is not quite as good.  Still, this baby got Pinterest just a few weeks ago and does everything I need quickly and easily.  So, it could just replace my iPhone as my everyday phone.

I will share my favorite apps and my ups and downs with this Galaxy over the next 2 months and I just hope you get to sit next to me somewhere and need WiFi.  I’ve totally got you covered.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Verizon Wireless Ambassador Badge

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