In which I maintain my resemblance to a bagel.

This week I am trying to kick my own tush into gear.  I am no longer the mother f a newborn.  Violet is 17 months old and no longer wants to be used to shield my not yet back belly.  She was a great ruse for a long time.  Hey – look at the new baby…not my belly.  It was a lovely situation.  What a sport.

Now she wiggles away and I am left sucking in and standing up oh so straight. I’ve got no boobs left so that distraction is gone too.  Breastfeeding…yeah…it took my boobs.

So I need to try this whole thing again.  Yep, I noticed le belly a long time ago.  This week I am participating in a really cool meme at By Word of Mouth Musings called Time Travel Tuesdays.  You get to link up an old post and remember what you vowed to do or a great memory and you get to see what other bloggers would choose to show from their archives. Since it is new, I thought I would post and not just link up in case you want to jump in the time machine too!

I chose to out myself as the woman without enough self control to give up a piece of bread at breakfast.

When Violet was just 8 weeks old I wrote a little post called I am What I Ate.  You see, I figured out that my belly was beginning to resemble my favorite food, the mighty bagel. I meant to make this big change and be super svelte by now.  I mean it’s only like 16 months later.  But I maintain this uncanny resemblance to that round, delicious bread.

Now, it’s really time for a change.

Tell me, how are you doing with your post baby body goals?

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  • My baby just turned 5 and about two months ago I decided to do something about my post baby body. My exercise plan (couch to 5K ) is going great, my eating still needs some work.

    Don’t beat yourself up about the last 16 months – just move forward!!!

    • Brittany says:

      Good for you! Couch to 5k is awesome! I want to go back to Disney so badly I thought about siging up for the Princess Half Marathon. Hubs said if I could do it we would go. It seems SO impossible but maybe that is enough motivation! Good luck!!!

  • Post baby goals? Well, Evan is three. I’m thinking I’ll start on them any day now.

    • Brittany says:

      Well I have a while until Violet is three. Perhaps I will give myself a break 🙂 I have to say though – you looked great modeling all those clothes! One HOT mama!

  • Yuliya says:

    Not well at all, thank you for asking. But tomorrow is another day, for both of us.
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  • I did really well the first 10 months – losing all the baby weight and then some. And it all came back and I’m now back to pre-pregnancy weight – which was not the weight I want to be. So, er, not well.

    I need motivation!
    Alison recently posted… Wordless Wednesday – BubblesMy Profile

    • Brittany says:

      Me too! I lost it all and more and it just slowly came back on. I am really disappointed even though it is my own fault. I need some good motivation too!

  • My post baby goals? Well, I’m making some progress but I’ve got a ways to go. But now that my baby graduated from high school I’m hoping I will have more time for exercise 🙂

  • Carrie says:

    I’ve noticed that pants that used to fit…no longer do so. My husband has actually asked me a few times if I think I am pregnant. Ack!

    I’m counting down the days to a bootcamp I signed up for. I think it might kill me…but if it doesn’t then I will have kick started my butt in gear and will hopefully continue on a path of healthy eating and exercise.

    Besides, I’m going on a cruise next March. I HAVE to look good!!
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  • Jackiek says:

    I actually remember reading the first post about this when V was 8 weeks old! i was newly preggers then and not worrying about a thing (weight-wise!) here i am, with an 8 month old who has just weened herself from breastfeeding (my only real “diet plan”) and feeling as you described above (no boobs and all!)!
    Thank god our kids (and husbands!) think we are beautiful no matter what!!!!!!

    • Brittany says:

      Ack! I knew someone would remember that post. I was all going to make a change. And yes…breastfeeding was my diet plan. Violet is weaning now and I can only imagine it will be even worse when she does. Good luck!

  • Kimberly says:

    My baby is two…therefore I have no explanation…wait I’ve got cookie crumbs on my chin…where was I? Yes I have no explanation why I’m the way I am.
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  • Not. Good. Austin is a year now, and I think I looked better in the pics 6 weeks postpartum than I do now. The days keep stretching longer, and even though both kids are supposedly sleeping thru the night, there’s always some disruption. So that snooze button is way too appealing. Dah! Will I run tomorrow? I hope so!
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    • Brittany says:

      I know! I have the best laid plans for the morning because the rest of the day is impossible but Violet is still waking up every night and Miles is up to go potty and I am just pooped. I know I have to just do it but it is SO hard. Glad I am not alone!

  • Alexis says:

    My youngest is 2 and I turn 40 this summer (WHAT?!?!). So I signed up for this 10 mile Spartan Beast event in August (crawl under barbed wire, carry rocks up mountains, etc.). Which isn’t so much about trying to loose weight but to get me focused on getting my body strong enough to accomplish something monumental. I asked for this (or more accurately for my husband to give me enough kid-free time to train for this) for my birthday. I figure it’ll force me to become stronger, it will be something I’ll be really proud of, and if nothing else it’ll be a really memorable birthday.

    OR I’ll get hurt, be unable to finish, and the whole summer will be mired in failure and shadowed by the specter of old age 😉
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