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By December 15, 2010Parenting, Safety

It’s been a few weeks since I told you about how the stairs are my enemy and then just days later how Violet fell down those stairs.  Well, this week she became fascinated with our gas fireplace and started to crawl in it.  Yes people, there are so many ways a baby can risk her life in my little home.

Well, I found the time to thwart her incredibly fast crawl and nimble climbing skills.  I am, after all, a mother.  If there is one thing more important than just loving my kids to bits and pieces, it is keeping them alive so I can do the aforementioned loving.

Meet my new best friends.

This is the North States Superyard.  It is the only gate I have ever found that will work with my wonky high molding and very narrow original to the house stairs.  They did not send me this gate for free.  I bought it and I love it.  It comes with 6 panels and I only used 2.  It can also be used as a playpen and of course it could save lives or just your sanity too.  I just love it. I’m going to order the extra 2 panels and make a play yard out of the 4 I have left.   I love it!  Even better…it is also blocking the bathroom from sneaky Miles who loves to fill everything he can find with water.  And it is super safe because to place a gate on or against the stairs would allow a toddler to use the stairs to climb over it and get some serious injuries (Yes, this has happened to us with previous gates – not the injuries but the toddlers launching themselves over the gate).  With this that is not an issue.

And this is the smallest fireplace screen I could find for my tiny little fireplace that I adore.  Violet seems to love it too.  She was scooping up the fake embers and trying to eat them.  She was trying to get on the logs.  She was probably fascinated by the pilot light.  She was making me nauseous just thinking about possible outcomes.  She started out confused and then got bored.  It was exactly the reaction I was looking for.  I then proceeded to terrify Sophia and Miles, telling them that they could get burned if they touched it and to tell me the minute anyone stepped on the tile.  It might have been overkill, but I like that they believed me.  Again, saving lives can be tricky.

With these two fancy little numbers, not only did I save my baby from 2 possible death threats, I also kept buckets of water from being poured on my floors thanks to Miles.  And another plus?  Without worrying about the grim reaper visting Violet I was able to actually clean the kitchen, fold the laundry and spend 10 minutes tweeting with the kids in the house.  It’s not sexy but it was oh so good.

All in a days work!

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  • Candice says:

    I have a gas fireplace, too, and naturally, Nate adores it. We have a screen, but it’s not attached to the brick around the fireplace so he’s nearly knocked it over several times. We’re actually going to have my brother-in-law (a mason) attach the screen to the brick so he can’t knock it over. My heart quakes to think of what could happen with that pilot light.
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  • I love baby gates. We have one for our bathroom up now, but it’s mostly to keep the dog away from the cat box. When The Boy becomes mobil we’ll need to install more for the stairs!

  • Bryna says:

    Hurray for sanity!!!!! How come you invested in this stuff for baby number three? Were the first two not as adventurous?

    My fear is my aunt’s pool… There is no way to “gate” the area since it’s like, 30 feet across. That would be SOME gate!

    • Brittany says:

      Haha. Nope I just got fireplace logs for Christmas last year so before that it was just painted back concrete in there. No danger. As far as the gates I am like close to $500 on all the stuff i have tried to deal with those stairs. The walls are not evenly across from eachother and the molding on one side is 18 inches tall so nothing has worked. When we tried putting the gate up on the stairs the kids used the stairs to climb over. That is very dangerous. Right before I had Violet, we had the carpeting put on to potentially keep Miles alive if he took a big fall. The doctors gave me only a 25% chance of avoiding a c-section so I knew that opening a pressure mounted gate with one hand while holding a baby would probably be impossible. We’ve been okay since then and just now have really found the need for a new gate. I want my kids to learn to use the stiars so I don’t wan’t it on there forever but this one is nice because you can walk all the way down the stairs.

      As far as the pool, I thought many states have requirements that the pool be fully fenced. All the pools we go to at friends houses are fully fenced. Good luck with that one. It would totally scare me!

      • Bryna says:

        Oh, that makes perfect sense now. I thought perhaps Sophia & Miles were just better listeners. That DOES happen, ya know! 🙂

        And the pool is fenced in – for the outside person. However, once you are on the deck there are two levels and we spend a great portion of the summer on the deck. It’s quite easy for a baby who “I thought YOU were watching her” to fall in! Very scary!!!! We managed with Nola, but now we have a whole new little one to worry about.

  • You know, I sort of miss doing all those childproofing things. My baby is ten now… it goes so quickly doesn’t it. Glad you found a gate you love.
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  • Shelley Michael says:

    I love baby gates. We have one for our bathroom up now, but it’s mostly to keep the dog away from the cat box. When The Boy becomes mobil we’ll need to install more for the stairs!

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