I’m Getting My Bliss on with Kleenex at Blissdom!

By January 24, 2011Blogging, Conferences

All those tears I have been crying lately over more babies and my baby turning 1 and all the other things I cry about make my face scream out for a soft tissue. Like Kleenex, which we all know is the softest. And that is good because I can also use Kleenex to wipe the boogers off my kids’ constantly running noses without hurting their precious skin. And hey, it’s winter so it’s nice to use the soft Kleenex on my own boogies too instead of a napkin.

After crying all of those tears…guess who is sending me to Blissdom? Kleenex picked me and my swollen boogery face  to be part of a group of bloggers to attend Blissdom and spread the word about their Softness Worth Sharing Campaign. It’s so simple….just click on over and choose someone to send a pick me up pack of Kleenex.  Everyone loves mail and this will show them you are thinking of them.  I sent one to my mom.  It will make her cry and then she will need a Kleenex.  Perfect!

Kleenex Softness Worth Sharing

I am so excited to be attending such a wonderful conference with so many other inspiring and wonderful bloggers and such a great company.  I love sharing my life with you guys, my readers.  Sharing means a lot to me.  Kleenex knows that when people find something great they tend to share it.  They made it easy to share a special pack of Kleenex with someone you love and have sent 900,000 share packages so far!  Now that is awesome.  I can just see almost a million smiling faces.

Go ahead – send one.  It’s fun and easy and free!  You can also send a virtual Kleenex on facebook or print out special labels for your Kleenex boxes.  How flippin’ cute!

If you are at Blissdom, Kleenex and the Softness Worth Sharing booth will be in the expo hall at booth #15.  You can send a little softness right there and enter to win a fabulous Luxe gift basket filled with super soft goodness.  No worries – they will ship it home for you!

I hope I see you at Blissdom and I hope you take advantage of this awesome promotion and send a little softness to someone who needs it!  Let me know if you send some softness and if I will see you in Nashville!

Disclosure:  I am totally over the moon and happy to announce that I am brand ambassador for Kleenex and their Softness Worth Sharing campaign.  Kleenex is sending me to Blissdom and I couldn’t be more blissfully happy about it.  This is totally my opinion and I really think that sending a sassy pack of Kleenex to someone you love is awesome!

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