I Need Another Honeymoon

By November 29, 2010Get to Know Me, Marriage, My Life

I am living in a technology nightmare as I wait, now in my 5th hour, for the recovery console on my old desktop with all of my new pictures to repair itself.  It currently says 54% complete.  I do not have high hopes.

I do have online backup so at some point I will be able to recover what is lost, but it can take time.  Yes, I have lost a computer and all of it’s contents before.

The only pictures I have on this computer are old…and they brought me back.

There are years of pictures – all before I had kids.

There are pictures of me and Ross gallivanting around the globe, thinking only about each other and our itinerary for the day.  I must say, as much as I totally adore my kids and my life, I could so go back for just a few days and re-live that not a care in the world feeling.

We honeymooned in Bermuda at a lovely resort that does not allow children.  Here we are, childless DINKS (Dual Income No Kids), enjoying the nightly pre-dinner cocktail hour where they served Rum  Swizzles.   Yum.  Again, there were no children.  We didn’t even know what a luxury this was.

If you are wondering, I never used to smile with my mouth open (unless very drunk – see below) because I hated my teeth before invisalign.  Believe me though, I am really happy.  And really sun-burnt.  I read 10 books in 8 days sitting under an umbrella and it was absolute bliss. None of those books were about Dora or dinosaurs or Fancy Nancy.  They were grown up books.  Some of them had sex and romance in them…and maybe one from the airport had both those and a pirate.  Yum.

We really need another honeymoon.  We need a break for us.  It would be good for our marriage and for ourselves and really, good for the kids. 

I don’t know when this vacation will be but I think I am going to print out a couple of old pictures and tack them up in my office to remind myself to make time for myself and my husband.

It may not be Bermuda but maybe a big date night or a night in a hotel or just a couple of hours away.  It’s too easy for me to let myself and my marriage come after the kids.  That is not right.  I have to be okay and we have to be okay for our family to be okay.

These pictures will also make me start planning our next real vacation – without the kids.

It will be tough though.  Planning to be away from 3 kids is no easy feat.

No longer can we jet off with 2 days notice on an e-saver to Belgium and get completely tanked with a bunch of Scots who yelled “Kilt’s Up” and then showed the world their man parts in the freezing cold and then we all wandered the streets singing.  It’s too bad too – that trip was so.much.fun.

Please tell me you can get away?  With Violet attached to my boob it will be awhile for me.  Can I live vicariously through you? Tell me how you make time after kids!

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  • SuperJenn says:

    You can get away.
    But it kind of rots.
    We went to St. Lucia this summer…for our ACTUAL Honeymoon… 5 years later. We left all three kids at home…including SuperBaby who was still nursing. I took a pump. TSA didn’t like it. They kept thinking it was a bomb.

    I pumped…he had his first week away from the boob…it was the beginning of the end.

    We also learned that as parents we can no longer relax the way we used to as DINKS 🙂
    The drinks were nice, the sun was nice…the water was nice. But we wanted to sleep.

    I suggest getting a night at a swanky local (or almost local) hotel and living it up…nice food, nice wine…then beautiful…uniterupted … sleep.

  • courtney says:

    Yes, a honeymoon, I’d like a real first one, I think. Yet I believe the “days of wines and roses”, and “we have a whole world in front of us” days are over for me. On my last honeymoon, I had a five year old, a 3 month old and conceived baby number three.
    courtney recently posted… The one good thing this ex didMy Profile

  • I’m dreaming of a few days away, too. My mom has decided to give up working full-time, so I now have a babysitter – just need a place to go! 🙂
    Sara recently posted… Worse Things Than Spilt MilkMy Profile

  • Oh, how I know what you mean… Jeff and I have gotten away for a few days here and there, but nothing compares to the honeymoon. Sigh.

  • david says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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