How to Watermark Multiple Images at Once Using Picasa

When you share a photo and you want to make sure no one steals it, it needs a watermark.  What is a watermark?  It is an image or text on top of your photograph that identifies it as yours and is intended to prevent people from using that image as their own.  If you use text, this tutorial is for you!

How to Watermark Images

For bloggers, watermarking is a very important step in the photo process because it not only prevents theft, but also allows you to share your URL when that image is shared on social networking sites like Pinterest.

For non bloggers or scrapbookers, it is sometimes great to add a little text right to Photos before printing them.  I do this with our Disney photos and other travel adventures because I can add the name of the trip and the year right to a large batch and always remember exactly where and when the picture was taken.  Of course, having all your fonts available is key because then you can use the right font for the occasion.  I watermark my Disney pictures with these 35 Free Disney Fonts.

It took me years to realize how simple it is to watermark multiple images at one time in just about a minute.  Total.  One minute.  Can I say it again…I might because I felt so silly for not figuring this out.  Buh bye Photoshop for watermarking!

How to Watermark with Picasa

You will need Picasa and your photos in Picasa and the font you want to use installed on your machine.  Yes, you can use the font you spent so long choosing for your site, which makes your design and branding more powerful.  Remember, consistency is key.

I made you a very short video showing how very easy it is to do.  Not only can you watermark your photos, you can then easily export the photos you want to share on your blog or Facebook or wherever in the size you want.  Just click on export and choose your size.  You want to choose the actual size you want for uploading to your blog so that browsers will not have to look at additional code to resize images.  This will help your site’s load time.

Simple Steps if you can’t watch the video for some reason…

1. Edit your photos so they are ready for you to share and place them in an album.  I just create a new album and go through selecting my pictures for my post and adding them to it.

2. If you have both horizontal and vertical images, move them so they are grouped together.  You will make one watermark for each.

3. Click on one photo and then on the text button in Picasa.  Choose your font, size, transparency and type!  If you want to add the copyright symbol to your watermark using your keyboard on a Mac, you will enter Option + G.  If you want to do the same on a PC you will type Alt + 0169 while holding down the Alt key.  Easy peasy!

4.  Position the watermark where you would like it on your photo.

5.  With the photo still selected, choose Edit from the top menu and then Copy Text.  Once you have copied, select all the other photos with the same dimension and orientation and choose Edit again and then Paste Text. Ta Da!  Scroll through and check it out.  Then repeat for your other orientation, if needed.

6.  Finally, choose export from the menu at the bottom with the photos you would like selected.  Choose the correct dimension for your site or needs and voila!  You now have right sized, watermarked photos with just a minute or two of work!

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