How to Create a Silhouette from a Photo

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I love silhouette art and whenever we get the chance with an artist I take it.  It is an amazing art form and those who can cut a silhouette with their eyes and scissors alone are incredible to watch.  I can’t, but I did figure out how to make a silhouette using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  It is easy and I am NO expert!  There are bunches of tutorials out there but I sort of fiddles about until I found what I found to be the easiest way.

Once you have your silhouettes you can use them to make cool graphics or create awesome art for your house, holiday cards, thank you notes, mugs, mouse pads…anything!

I had a little fun with this and created Sibling Rivalry using profiles of my 5 year old Sophia and my 3 year old Miles.  The sky is the limit!

Sibling Rivalry

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You will need one of these two programs plus a photo that you want to turn into a silhouette.  I will be using profile shots against a high contrast background for ease.  You can get awesome action shot silhouettes though!  When you are working on a profile it is really helpful for hair to be off the neck so that you can get the line of the skull to the neck right.

Step 1:  Open your photo in Photoshop / Photoshop Elements.  You will see your main image as well as the Layers Palette to the right.  When you first open your image it is locked.

Open Photo

Step 2: Go to the Layers Palette and right click on your exiting layer.  Choose Layer from Background.  You can name it anything.  Hit okay and your photo layer should be unlocked so you can play with it.

Layer from Background

Step 3: Select the part of the image you want as a silhouette.  You are going to use the Lasso tool for this.  When you locate the lasso tool in the menu to the left of your image right click to see your options.  I have used both the magnetic and the polygonal.  Play around and see which one suits you and your image.  The magnetic lasso will automatically find points around your image and wrap around them.  It is faster but it sometimes misses the portion of your image you want to select.  The polygonal lasso requires that you click all the way around your image at each point you want the line to move.   It is more precise and does allow you to more easily go around hair or accessories.

Lasso Choices

Once you have your selection and the beginning and end points of the lasso meet (this can be a little frustrating) you will see dancing lines around your selection.  Notice I did not have a perfect picture and chose not to include all that random hair.  Also, I can fix any irregularities later with the paintbrush.  What I really want is a good outline of the face and neck.

Lasso Line

Step 4:  You want to remove the existing background.  Click on Select from the top menu and then Inverse.  This will create a dancing line around your entire photo.

Select Inverse

Hit Delete and your background will disappear and your selection will remain.

Hit Delete Key Isolate Subject

Step 5:  Now you have your outline and you need to create the silhouette.  There are a couple of ways to do this but the easiest one I have found is to create a new layer.  You can go to the Layer Menu on the top and select New.  With the new layer selected use your paint bucket tool and fill in that layer.  I chose black (#000000) for my silhouette.  Do not freak out when the entire image turns black!  Oh no!  All you need to do is tell Photoshop to apply that paint bucket only to your “clipped” area.  Simply select the Move Tool (the little arrow and compass in the top left of your left side menu) and then hit CTRL+G.  This is the shortcut to create a clipping mask in Photoshop.  Then hit CTRL+E to merge your layers, use the paintbrush to fix and problems (or in my case finish the ponytail) and you have your digital silhouette!

Clip and Fill

Step 6:  Save your file! Please remember that if you are going to use this silhouette on a background (like on a website or for digital scrap booking) you want to make sure to save the file as a .png to preserve the transparency.  When you are ready to print and have a background you can save as a .jpg for use online or for projects.

Sophia Silhouette

Not only could you use these digitally but your could print them out, cut them out of black paper and use as beautiful art in your home.  They are oh so vintage and yet modern with the black.  I will attempt to figure out how to cut these using my cricut too.

Happy Silhouetting!  Please shoot me any questions in the comments and good luck!

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