How the Tooth Fairy Works in Our House

By July 26, 2010Parenting

Sophia is almost 4 and likes to hang with the older crowd. She prefers the cool 5 and 6 year olds to kids her own age and thus is constantly wondering when she will lose her first tooth and meet the amazing tooth fairy. She knows exactly what to look for and daily feels her teeth to see if any are wiggly. This girl is ready to say goodbye to those babies and get some big girl toofers and more importantly, the tooth fairy prize.

She made a little video explaining the process and the aforementioned prize. Show this to your kids if they are wondering how this exciting process works.  The best part?  Our tooth fairy brings pennies!  I just love it – the tooth fairy is on a budget too!

Yes, I know that she will realize a penny does not buy much and at some point will ask for the big money or a Wii or something our tooth fairy cannot afford. I’m thinking of telling her that our tooth fairy has fallen on hard times and see how she takes the news.

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