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I have a Google Reader full of blogs that I follow for all sorts of different reasons.  I love scrolling through and reading through the fabulous diversity in topics and ideas, seeing pictures of beautiful families and finding new friends in this wonderful bloggy world.  Following a blog in a reader is great for that.  I can click in my reader and catch up, clicking through when I want to leave a comment or spend some real time on a blog.  In a similar manner, I find many wonderful bloggers and wonderful posts through twitter or facebook. It’s so easy, I just click on the links that move me.  My fingers never actually have to type in the blog address.  It’s all so easy peasy.

There are only a handful of blogs that I physically type in the fancy URL for every day and Theta Mom is one of those blogs.  Heather writes thoughtful posts about Motherhood that always inspire great comment conversation.  I always enjoy reading her posts.  She created a wonderful place for bloggers to meet and share our worlds called the Theta Mom Community.  Each week she features a blogger from TMC and this is my week!  That’s right – I am honored to say that I, little ol’ me, am this weeks featured blogger! 

If you are here from TMC, welcome!  I hope you enjoy spending a few minutes on my blog and want to be a part of Mommy Words!  I would love to see your smiling face over here again!  If you are a regular Mommy Words reader be sure to check out Heather and the Theta Mom Community!

So here is a tiny bit about me and a couple paths to some of the things I write about.  Welcome!

I am Brittany.  I have a fabulous husband, Ross.  We made 3 beautiful children and we named them Sophia (3), Miles (2) and Violet (4 months).  To put it simply, they rock and I write about them a lot.   I am an open book though, so I write about everything!

If you have a thing for newborns like I do, I blogged the day Violet was born.  Man I love me some babies!  Want to see her?  Click here for ridiculously cute totally new newborn fabulousness.

I love to laugh and if you do too you might just love me because I do silly things like try to turn my breech baby by sticking a flashlight down my pants.  I kid you not.  I blogged it here.

I have been through a lot with my family and I have started to record my journey on this blog.  Lots of laughter and lots of tears folks.  My sister made a very courageous choice as a mom.  This is one of my best posts and the hardest one I have ever written.  It is also the post that showed me what absolutelyphenomenal readers I have.  Grab your Kleenex for this one.

On a lighter note, I like tools a lot and I love to build things.  Sophia loved The Princess Castle I built for her 3rd birthday.  I love the Pottery Barn Knock Off Storage Bed I built to hold her toys!  I try to post tutorials when I finish a project so stay tuned! 

I hope you enjoy your time here with me and I can’t wait to check out your digs as well!  Thank you Heather and your Theta Mom Community for bringing us bloggers together!

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