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By January 23, 2012Campaigns, Giveaways

We all want to be greener, right?  I mean, we all live on this here planet Earth and as such, we should care to protect it.  Some things are harder than others.  We can’t all replace everything in our lives with something greener right now.  It is simply too expensive for most of us to make drastic changes to our homes or automobiles.  Some things are simple changes, like carrying a reusable shopping bag or drinking from your water bottle or coffee mug instead of using more paper or adding more plastic to landfills.  I think we are all looking for simple ways to be be greener both for our planet and for the health of our own bodies.

Guess what?  eBay just launched their new site at green.eBay.com and to celebrate and encourage people to shop green when they can, they are having a contest where a lucky eBay green member will win a $1000 eBay giftcard!  To be honest, I am totally digging the new site and the concept.  I like to be inspired to buy, sell and think green.  The possibility to win $1000?  Well, that just makes it better!

eBay Green InspireHow Can I Go Green and Win?

  1. It’s pretty easy!  Follow these simple steps and you will be entered.  Good luck!
  2. Go to green.ebay.com and login with your regular eBay username and password.
  3. Join the Green Team!  The link is at the bottom of the page.
  4. On the home page, find the Greener Alternatives and Eco Shopping List areas.  You will see an option under Greener Alternatives to add and item and under Eco Shopping to add a list.
  5. Go ahead – make your list and add an item or a few.  You simply select items from eBay that are greener in any way and the site gives tons of ideas.  Think organic cotton sheets, pre-owned toys or electronics or anything pre-owned really.  I made a list called Orange You Glad You’re Green.  12 awesome orange things that make you greener.  I had fun with this!  Once you have made your list and / or added your items you are entered into the contest!  You can have 1 entry for the list and one for adding a greener alternative.  Easy peasy!

Now that we all have a chance to win $1000 to eBay, settle back and check out the site!  There are options for buying or selling green and recommendations from other eBay members, real people who have submitted an item or a list.  If you are wondering what green is all about in a site for buying and selling, eBay makes it simple.  Items that are pre-owned, resource saving and / or sustainable all help us be greener.  See?  Me buying my kids used Playmobil all the time on eBay is GREEN!  Wahoo! Here’s what eBay says.

eBay Green

Prevention is Key: The greenest product is one that already exists. A pre-owned find has history. By bringing it home, you extend its useful life, keep it out of the landfill, and prevent the environmental impact of producing something new.

Do More With Less: Solar powered electronics, LED or compact fluorescent lights, water conserving faucets, Energy Star appliances. All are examples of products that tread more lightly and take less of our limited natural resources.

Materials Matter: New alloys vs. recycled metals. Fast-growing bamboo vs. old-growth hardwood. From shoe soles made of old plastic soda bottles to furniture made of FSC-certified wood, sustainable products make use of re-purposed or renewable materials.

The site is fun.  There are ideas for green decorating and babying and technology and everything in between.  They also have these brand new reusable boxes coming out for eBay transactions and they track the box as it travels and record how much we are saving by reusing.  Also – the boxes are adorable.  I sort of want to have all of them and leave them in a corner to look at.  The different sizes make one big, happy tree!

eBay BoxIf you have never sold on eBay or gave up years ago, it is time to try again.  Not only is it better to keep things out of landfills and see them re-used as much as possible, you can supplement your family’s income by using the incredible platform eBay has built to sell your items.  That’s green for the planet and for your wallet!

Go ahead, check out the new eBay Green for your chance at $1000 and the knowledge that you are so being green.

And hey, if you want to shop orange and go green, check out my list by searching in Eco-Shopping at eBay Green.  Have fun!

orange you glad you are greenFull contest rules can be found here.

Disclosure:  This post was written by me as a member of the eBay Parent Panel.  All opinions are my own.  And I honestly love orange.

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