Giving Water for the Lives I Have Lost

By September 12, 2012Helping Others

I have not lost many people in my life. I have lost babies. Babies I desperately wanted. Babies whose heartbeats filled me with joy and then were gone. After each of our children was born, we lost a baby. Our most recent loss was the hardest. I feel like barely a day has passed. For the past year I have been grieving. I am grieving.  I cannot get past the baby we lost last year.

I cannot begin to imagine losing a child.

There are women around the world who will lose their children because they do not have clean water.  Not just a few, there are almost a billion people affected by this.  It is a crisis.

I cannot get those babies back, they are in heaven with so many other babies and children who were taken too early.

For those moms and their kids who are living on the planet, we can DO something.  We can save their lives.

Let us change lives.  Let us save lives.  Give water.

Clean Water Haiti

Giving Water, Giving Life

I am giving a life for those that I have lost.  Just $25 provides clean water for life.  For life!

I am giving my money, yes, but I am pledging to help those families who have chance to see their babies grow up and see what life has to offer.

Giving Life for Babies Lost

I am giving a life for our first angel baby, lost in June of 2007.

I am giving a life for our second angel baby, lost in February of 2009.

I am giving a life for our third angel baby, who we named Navaa Oz, lost in August of 2011. Navaa Oz means Beautiful and Strong in Hebrew.

Giving Life for Siblings Lost

I am giving a life for my Aunt Angie, my mother’s sister, who passed away at 36 years of age from Breast Cancer.

I am giving a life for my Aunt Jane, my mother’s sister, who passed away just 2 years ago, in September of 2010, from cancer.

I am giving a life for my Aunt Jennifer, my father’s sister, who passed away in 2009

I am giving a life for my Sister-in-Law’s brother, who she lost far too early.

I am giving a life for my Father-in-Law, who lost his twin sister Evelyn far too early.

Giving Life for Spouses Lost

I am giving a life for my Grandpa Warren, who passed away while my father was in high school.

I am giving a life for my Grandpa Gerald, who passed away when I was just a baby.

I am giving a life for my Grandma Jayne, who passed away just last year.

What I am Giving Will Save Lives

10 Lives Badge

I am giving to Water.Org for 11 souls who are no longer with us here.  I am giving to provide 11 people here on Earth the chance to live a healthy life.  A chance to grow up.  A chance to know their mommas and poppas and sisters and brothers.  A chance to learn and to help others.

I am giving because I know how blessed I am to have the simple every day things we need.  I know that with my blessings come the responsibility to not only care about the world, but to do what I can to help.

While I grieve for my babies, I know that somewhere a mother will be able to see her babies grow up.

A healthy child is a beautiful thing.

Please, if you can, join me.  Our goal is to change lives.  Officially, each of us wants to change 10 lives in 10 days.  Well, let’s see if we can change 20.  I just went for 11.  Can you help me?  Any amount is a blessing to these communities.  Thank you!

Disclosure: I am not being compensated in any way.  I am working with The Mission List and Water.Org.  I am proud to help save precious lives. Image courtesy of Water.Org.


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