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By October 23, 2011Campaigns

I am so excited to announce that I am an official member of the eBay Parent Panel! You know I love to de-clutter and who doesn’t love to make a little money while creating more space?  For years I have shopped on eBay and found great deals but I was missing a great opportunity to become a seller because it just did not seem easy.  Well, I got a chance to speak to the folks at eBay and I can tell you there are more than a few changes that make selling on eBay a fantastic option.

eBay Parent Panel Badge

I am ready to get started and hope that you will join me as we explore all the ways eBay can help boost your bottom line and pay for kids activities, family trips, new technology, fabulous books and toys and your love of fashion.  I have started an eBay collection in our guest bedroom and I am ready to list and sell baby!  This girl is planning another big road trip and needs some extra dollars!

There is now an awesome seller information page that gives you all the details from choosing items to listing to getting paid and shipping.  There are fantastic tools available now to make sure you list and sell so that you make money and feel confident in the process.  There is even an awesome Fashion Selling Guide that helps you know what to list and when to list it for the best sales.  They took a lot of the workout of your hands.

eBay Seller Information

Think about all the items you have that other people could buy.  Outgrown clothes, toys, technology you have upgraded, those shoes that pinch your toes, your maternity clothes…buyers are waiting people!  eBay even has an awesome new eBay app that lets you list items in minutes right from your phone!  If you have a bar code you can scan it and it will even provide an image for your listing.  I am currently obsessed with this little feature.

Every month I will be sharing my experience with you along with some great tips for becoming a super savvy eBay seller.  I hope we can all clean out some closets and make a little cash.  We’ll probably buy a few things along the way too.  There are just so many great deals!  Please check out eBay and let me know if you have anything I can specifically address.  I want us all to have our questions answered and be total pros at this.

Disclosure:  I am compensated for my role on the eBay Parent Panel.  All opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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