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Summer can get pretty pricey around these parts.  I mean, with all the stuff we are just dying to do with our kids and without our kids it totally adds up to mucho money.   Especially the without our kids stuff.  You know how much sitter costs, right?

So, between summer camps, vacations, swimming lessons, pool fees, museums, parties, play dates and all the gas just to get everyone there you may feel a little pinch in the wallet come summertime.  Let me tell you, you have money sitting all over your house.

Sure, you could have a yard sale…but guess what, you will make a lot more money selling your stuff on eBay.  And you so don’t have to wake up with the roosters to do it.  Big bonus here!

So, for parents, I advise you to start with your kids’ closets.  Outgrown clothes or those items you love that they never wore are perfect for eBay.  Find the recognizable brands and stuff in good condition and get it listed!  After clothes you can tackle their toys.  Then you could hit the electronics they no longer play with.  How about movies they don’t watch?  There are just so many things your kids have grown out of that somebody else wants to buy!

That bin in the picture is just the stuff I got from 2 rooms downstairs!  The laundry room / mudroom and our family office.  I found shoes, clothes, electronics, bathing suits, coats, hats, toddler potty seats, an unopened light fixture and lots of other stuff in great condition to sell for our summer fun!

With well known brands and some good light it is easy to list right from your phone with the eBay mobile app.  It takes just a few minutes and you are done.

If you have items that need a better photo then take a few minutes and position them on a clean surface or sheet to take pictures.  You can also hang clothing against a solid backdrop to show off your items instead of laying them on the floor.  eBay has made it super easy to list from their site.  They literally give you step by step instructions and the option to choose the simple form or more advanced form.  I went with simple.  Each items took just a few minutes.  Awesome!

I can’t even tell you how much money is in my attic.  I might pass out.  I am considering getting it in ones and putting them in the bathtub just so I can see how it feels to bathe in money.  Money that I got from selling stuff for $10 on eBay that would fetch a buck in my yard.

No, money can’t buy happiness, but a little extra could help a lot this summer.  Go ahead…try it!  Fund a little of your summer fun with eBay!

Win a $100 eBay Gift Card

eBay wants to help fund your awesome summer by providing a $100 gift card to one lucky winner.  You know, so you can have even more fun and buy some stuff for your hot summer days.

Mandatory Entry:  Go ahead, tell me what you have sold on eBay and how much you got for it.  Or, if you are new to eBay, tell me what you know you have that you could sell.  I have heard some great eBay stories so I can’t wait to hear yours.  Please be sure to include your eBay ID in order for your entry to be valid.

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