Every Mom is a Hero

By November 1, 2011Motherhood, Parenting

Being a mother is an incredible experience.  Motherhood is full of precious moments and amazing experiences but it is also one of the most difficult jobs in the world.  Mothers wrap their children in love from the moment they are born and with our hearts full, we experience the full range of human emotion as we help these little people grow and flourish.

A hero is defined as

a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

Clearly the definition missed women and mothers as the act of motherhood is, in many ways defined not just by love but by courage and ability and qualities we never knew we had.

You are a hero.  I am a hero.  My mother is certainly a hero.  She is my best friend and an example to me every single day.  I could easily write about her and tell you what a wonderful mother she was through thick and thin.  You would all agree she is the bees knees as a mom.

Today I am not going to write about my mother.  I am going to tell you about my cousin Joslyn and her family.  I live every day in awe of what she and thousands of moms around this country fight through each and every day.  She is the mother of a little girl named London.

London Adorable

Joslyn is the mother of 3, like myself.  Ross and I were lucky and have 3 healthy children.  Joslyn has 3 beautiful children, but her baby girl London was born with what was only recently diagnosed Mitochondrial Disease and her family fights each and every day for little London.  She is in and out of the hospital and has had more procedures and surgeries than I can count.  London is a gorgeous little girl who loves life, but is often suffering. She lights up the room and every one who meets her is overwhelmed with joy at such huge spirit coming from her tiny body.  At almost 3, she weighs just 18 pounds.  Gaining weight is a daily battle fought with tubes and prayer.  Her father Mike says

If I was to announce London as a professional fighter she would be in the paper clip weight class…

Since her diagnoses of Mitochondrial Disease in June we now understand what some of her issues with lack of weight gain, digestive system, and autonomic system are stemming from.

Her disease is a progressive degenerative disease which means that for every 1 step forward she takes 2 steps back. September of 2010 London weighed over 20lbs and now she is weighing in at 18lbs on a good day.

Through TPN in April, Nissesn Fundoplication Surgery in July, and currently bolus feeding London has remained a very happy and cheerful child. Her personality is one in a million as she wants to high five every individual that crosses her path, eat dum-dum suckers, and sing & dance in front of 200 people at a Sunday morning Church service.

A mother like Joslyn could not be called anything less than a hero.  She has a constant list of things to do for London in addition to her other 2 children.  Not only does she have the regular activities but adds doctors appointments and surgeries and London’s daily regimen to her lists.  Children like London have very specific environmental needs and an overwhelming number of daily needs that other kids do not have.  I get overwhelmed by my life sometimes.  Then I think about Josy and her family and I get over it.  What I deal with is almost nothing compared to Josy.

Through all of this Joslyn has remained full of hope and ready with a smile for her family and friends.  I know how hard it is to remain peppy in the face of fear and hurt and confusion and she is hanging on.

Joslyn is a hero.  She goes above and beyond each and every day.  She did not chose her situation, but she does not give up.  Like us, she fights for her kids every day.

I truly believe that mothers are heroes.  I believe that every one of us should look in the mirror and acknowledge that what we do is amazing.  To give so much, to teach, to worry, to remain patient, to calm, to encourage and finally to watch them grow and then let them go, is not easy at all.  The love we share with our children is worth every difficult minute of motherhood.  Perhaps the love is even stronger for all we go through with our children.

The amazing thing about motherhood and heroism is that we don’t get to choose our kids or our battles.  We have our babies and we rise every day to the challenge of raising them.

I raise my glass to Joslyn and to mothers around the world.  You are all heroes.

I would love to hear your story. What mother is your hero?

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