Every Little Bottom Deserves a Diaper

By June 17, 2010Campaigns

You can make a difference in the lives of our littlest people and their mommies!

Every Little Bottom Needs a Diaper

Did you know that 1 in 3 American moms struggle to provide their babies with diapers? These moms have to cut back on food, utilities or even childcare in order to provide clean diapers for their little ones. When they can’t make ends meet – these families may have to resort leaving their children in wet or soiled diapers or even to re-using diapers that have been “cleaned” or dried out.  I can only imagine the pain of knowing that your child is uncomfortable or the fear that he will soil a diaper that you cannot replace.  These moms and their babies need our help!

It seems so obvious that babies need diapers but up to this point the movement to raise awareness about Diaper Need and organize Diaper Banks has been primarily local and grassroots in nature.  Finally, someone big is stepping up.  Huggies, a name synonymous with diapers, is launching the Every Little Bottom Campaign to raise awareness of the Diaper Need and more importantly to get diapers to babies in need!  The announcement went out on the AP news wire this morning, and has already been picked up by ABC News online.  Big companies get big results – and that is what we need!  It is so simple.  And so important!  Get diapers on babies.  Easy peasy.

To start the campaign they are donating up to 20 million diapers over the next 8 months.  Holy diapers bat baby!   

I So Get This Diaper Thing

With 2 kids in Diapers (Miles is 2 with G.I. issues – that means tons of runny poop around here – and Violet is 5 months) we go through a lot of them and I am lucky enough to be able to afford as many as we need but it is a huge part of our budget between diapers and wipes and cream!  I know we are lucky to have enough to not worry about a diaper run.  I do know how diapers can break a budget too.  When my sister had her twins as a 23 year old single mother she soon realized that while the kids’ health care needs were covered by medicaid and their basic food needs by WIC there was no help at all for diapering.   We were amazed at how expensive they were and how many diapers a baby needs!  She knew that keeping a baby in a clean, dry diaper was important to their health and was able to get the diapers with help from me but it was not easy.

I’m Spreading the Word and Hoping You Will Help

When I was presented with the opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Huggies Every Little Bottom Campaign and given the statistics on Diaper Need I was at a loss for words (not really, you know me).  I was not so much shocked by the issue but by the sheer numbers!  This is an issue that is close to my heart and one that I am proud to help.  I thought of all the mothers I know or have known who have struggled financially and I thought of how I  always wanted to help, but did not always know how.  Now I am on a mission.

Starting today I will be an Ambassador, Spokesperson and all around crazed blogger on a mission to raise awareness and get people to donate diapers for all those adorable little tushies that need them!  I will be blogging, tweeting, facebooking and basically telling everyone I know about this little known huge issue!  I am really excited to get started!  I will not be all by my lonesome in this endeavor!  I’ll be partnering with Jenny, Jessica, Kim, Caroline, Heather and Whitney.  Blogging Moms Unite!

I will also be organizing a diaper drive here in the Charlotte, NC area as part of my contribution to getting a diaper on each and every little bottom out there!  Stay Tuned!

How You Can Help

You can donate to an existing diaper bank using Amazon wishlists here.  Go for it!  It’s so simple to help a little bottom!

You can help me spread the word.  Email or Tweet posts and get your followers involved too!  We can make such a HUGE difference through social media!

You can keep up with the Every Little Bottom program right here on Mommy Words as well as:

You can help me with my own Diaper Drive here in North Carolina – where no diaper bank currently exists!  Details will be coming!

I hope you join me in helping to put a diaper on Every Little Bottom!

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Disclosure: As an official Blog Ambassador I am a selected social media partner for the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign. I am compensated for my time as a consultant to the program. However, the content and thoughts shared in this post are my own.

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  • vodka logic says:

    wow, I would have never guessed it was 1 in 3.. like you say it means there are people I know struggling to diaper their babies.

    Great job and thanks for the links.
    .-= vodka logic´s last blog ..One of My Favorite Things =-.

  • Bryna says:

    I immediately had to donate a box. With Baby #2 on the way, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like not to be able to give my baby a diaper! My goodness, what a great charity!
    .-= Bryna´s last blog ..Get those baby heiny’s in a diaper =-.

  • MommyB says:

    LMK about the NC bank, I have some size 1 diapers to donate.
    .-= MommyB´s last blog ..Guest Bloggers =-.

  • Carla says:

    Cloth diapers. Cut the strings from disposables and never be desperate for diapers again. Cloth diapering is one of the best things I ever did for my children (and am currently doing!). No nasty chemicals, no toxic waste going to the landfills, and never wasting money on something that I am just going to throw away. Modern cloth diapering is nothing like it was “way back when”. Information is power.

    • Brittany says:

      Carla, I responded to you on facebook as well. I appreciate your afvoacy for cloth diapers but in this situation it is not realistic as a solution to the problem. Cloth diapering is not an option for most of the families in Diaper Need. If you are poor and need to put your children in daycare they will not accept cloth diapers. Most require a minimum number of disposable diapers at all times for each child. Also, cloth diapers must be washed regularly and for families who are poor, a washing machine is not anywhere close to a given. Some laundromats do not allow the washing of diapers in their facilties and even to “sneak” them in would require paying to launder an extra separate load more often than you would regularly launder clothes. This program is for people who cannot afford the luxury to stay home with their children and wash their diapers. It is trying to address an existing problem in a way that is immediate and effective. It would be wonderful if daycare facilties (or my children’s pre-school) accepted cloth diapers and if everyone had the access to washers to use them. That is not the case.

      I am proud to be helping Huggies help these moms to stay at their jobs and be able to take care of thier children and not worry about keeping them in clean diapers.

  • Carla says:

    Even people without the “luxury of staying home” cloth diaper their children. There are daycares that DO accept cloth diapers. There are laundromats that allow cloth diaper washing. Parents can simply skip the dryer to afford to wash the diapers. You can hang dry flats inside the home very easily. There are all these excuses to not use cloth making the decision harder than it really is. Cloth diapering used to be the only option until not too long ago when Pampers “took the country by storm” making families dependent on these disposable diapers. They created this dependency and have high prices. Nice marketing to make them billionaires. They are doing the SAME thing in poor countries. They are bringing sposies to them getting them “hooked” therefor increasing their profits. Same thing with formula companies. they are going to poor countries and low income families and doing the same thing! It’s an outrage.

    I understand there is an “immediate need” for diapers. I also understand there are options if you look hard enough.

    Oh, and a smart couponer can get disposables diapers next to nothing if they try hard enough. I did for a LONG time before waking up and switching to cloth. I always had at least 10 packs of “Free” diapers in my son’s closet.

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

    • Kayla says:

      Could you please give me some more information on cloth diapering? And also give me tips on how to coupon for free disposable diapers? I have 2 children and one on the way and we are a VERY low income family. So far we have used disposable diapers…Cloth diapers I have a lot of questions about and they are also expensive, some are $20 for one diaper!….any information would be appreciated thank you. Also…anyone who can give me information on how to receive diapers from Every Little Bottom or any diaper assistance at in near hickory, nc…I would greatly appreciate it thank you. My email is rosskayla0609@yahoo.com

  • Jess says:

    I think both Carla and Brittany make good points. I think this campaign is important at this very moment to help those in need, but i also would love to see the mom-blogosphere get behind a concerted effort to get rid of the barriers to cloth diapering that you mention Brittany. Even using laundromats or coin machines, the cost savings for cloth diapering, not to mention the environmental savings in almost any place except those with water shortage issues, is astounding. I have spent less than $600 on diapers in almost 4 years of diapering two children. Not to mention the safety issues that come with disposing of all those disposables, filled with human waste, in landfills. It should be medical waste – it is in hospitals and should be in daycares as well, given the amount they dispose. And it is so easy now, compared to cloth diapering in the past.

    All that said, in the current world, given current limitations, this is an important program to get behind and I will support it! You do such a fantastic job of letting us know about all sorts of wonderful things – from bull-riding to this! you rock!!

  • I’m so stoked to be a team member with you on spreading the word.

    I personally cannot imagine not having enough diapers – I’ve been buying them for SEVEN YEARS. My oldest son is 6 and a half and despite being developmentally on target and making a huge effort to stay dry at night, he sleeps so deeply that he still has accidents. So we use overnight diapers for big kids for him. And we have a washer on site to wash his sheets. So no big whop.

    But what if we didn’t? What if we couldn’t afford to buy these “extra” items for seven years? His self esteem and his personal cleanliness would be a mess.
    Every kid and every parent needs to be able to have their diaper function be a given and a “no big whop” issue – there’s so much more complicated stuff involved in parenting!
    .-= Jessica McFadden – A Parent in Silver Spring´s last blog ..Huggies Every Little Bottom Program Gets Millions of Diapers to Babies in Need =-.

  • Amanda says:

    What about informing parents about elimination communication? This would be an option where diapering (whether sposie or cloth) would be difficult to afford. It’s used in many underdeveloped countries. It would lessen the family’s dependence on diapers.

    • Brittany says:

      The information is always helpful to give people but elimination communication requires constant time with baby and is most commonly successful in combination with Attachment Parenting. This is not something that most parents in Diaper Need, who need to work to keep their families afloat, could ever do. If daycares won’t do cloth diapers there is no way they will do no diapers. It also really difficult and most parents who I know, myself included, who actually considered it, decided it was not for them. I would love it if I had been able to avoid diapers all together but that did not work as an option for my family.

  • anastasia says:

    Hey thanks for sharing and being the ambassador! I plan on spreading the word along!

  • Tiffany says:

    I think that a diaper bank is a terrific idea, but I also want to echo that cloth diapering is hardly a luxury reserved for those who can stay at home. I work full-time and use cloth, and the savings are tremendous for our budget (we transitioned to cloth when my daughter was aroudn 8 months old).

    Yay to diaper banks…there are times when disposables meet the immediate need the best. But cloth diapering is economical, great for baby, and really just not that hard, even for folks who work away from home. My daughter is in daycare, and they accept cloth diapers there! I think that there is room for both options for families in crisis.
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Another Great AIO Diaper: Twinkletoes! (GIVEAWAY!!!) =-.

  • Oh.Great topic. I’ve just found your site on Theta Mom featured blogger page and I’m delighted with your site! Also I’ve just visited your blogfrog community.From this moment I will participate in your great work. Best regards
    .-= Tamara @ Miracle of Pregnancy and Parenting´s last blog ..How to Earn Money by Various Baby Customs 🙂 =-.

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